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Fitzroy, Melbourne

Alchemist Cocktail Bar

361 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, VIC
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Hidden away in a dark, dusty, old auctioneers attic, housing pharmacy cabinets more then a century old, the ALchemist Bar provides a truly unique drinking experience in the Brunswick Street precinct of Melbourne. Featuring restored lounges and chandeliers, the Alchemist Bar succeeds in creating the aura and atmosphere of a medieval lab of some distinction. Truly a unique venue, the Alchemist Bar experience is a great way to experience your favoured potion or poison, whatever the night may call for..

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Alchemist Cocktail Bar Review

Review by Suzanne Williamson

In the heart of Melbourne’s arty Brunswick Street, The Alchemist Bar oozescoolness.

Warm and cozy on a winter night, The Alchemist is filled with antiquevelvet furniture and mismatched glasses creating an inviting atmosphere.

A beautiful menu booklet tells the story of the ancient Alchemists who, ina pursuit to concoct remedies and medicines for the ill, accidentallydiscovered alcohol. Deciding this is a feat worthy of recognition, thewell-dressed Alchemist staff like to think of these natural philosophers as“the first bartenders”.

The Cocktail and Tapas Bar boasts an impressive list of warm and cold‘potions’ and snacks, from humble wedges to a six-hundred-dollar bottle ofFrench Champagne. While this is not indicative of all drink prices,cocktails are on the expensive side at around $20 a pop.

At that price, they would want to be fancy – and they are. A potion chartlets the inexperienced find their perfect mix by picking the cocktail inthe spot coinciding with their two favorite tastes. Sweet and Rich appealedto me the most, so the Isaac and Eve was a choice made easy.

For those with less cash to splash, the Alchemists also serve beer by thebottle for around $8 with wine ranging from $9-$13 a glass.

The candles scattered around dropping wax on to the floor and the relaxingsixties background music make you want to make a little nest and read somepoetry.

The crowd on a Saturday ranged from people in their late 20s to early 40swho enjoy having a quality drink made by people who know what they’redoing.

While they advertise functions, it is not a huge space and the set-up doessuit lots of smaller groups rather than one large group. The vibe is alsoso relaxed that you may find yourself not wanting to party onwards after acocktail or two, don’t expect a club scene.

Perfect for a romantic first date or a relaxed night out for a celebrationamong friends, The Alchemist is a truly different experience even forseasoned drinkers.

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