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George Street, Sydney

3 Wise Monkeys

3/555 George St, Sydney, NSW
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WINNER – BEST LIVE ENTERTAINMENT VENUE IN AUSTRALIA. Step straight into this stylish meeting place situated on the ground level and be embraced by the warmth & character whilst watching the endless passing parades or just chilling, listening and watching your favourite music video clip and local and international sporting events. 3 unique bars on 3 levels each with its’ own individual identity and atmosphere provide patrons with a unique experience under the one roof.

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3 Wise Monkeys Review

Review By Ben King

If you are going to the 3 Wise Monkeys, chances are you a going for the live music. Voted best live music venue, this place does not disappoint, showcasing some of Sydney’s best local bands, in a throwback to the era of Pub Rock.

A converted bank, the venue is a 3 floors of party atmosphere, with something a little bit different on each level. The ground floor is more of a pub then a bar, showing all the sports and attracting a slightly older crowd. Just like any pub, the atmosphere here is relaxed, laid back and easy going.Move up a level, and the 3 Wise Monkeys becomes more of a bar, serving mixed drinks with couches and lounges that become quite attractive as the night moves on. Here you will find a mix of backpackers, uni students and older crowd all enjoying their night. Drink service on this levels is a little slow as the night goes on, so it is recommended you head downstairs if you want to get a beer.

Move up a level again, and the 3 Wise Monkey’s becomes a live music venue to die for. Very simply, it’s a big room with a stage and about 200+ revellers partying to the latest covers and original music from local acts.

What makes the 3 Wise Monkeys quite unique is the way in which people on all 3 levels interact as they move up and down. Probably not the best place to go if you are looking to pick up, it is definitely not out the question given the wide variety of people who go here and the relatively liberal approach to alcohol service. Once more, despite the popularity of this place, entry is always really quick and the bouncers are first rate.

Whether you looking to head out Friday or Saturday, the 3 Wise Monkeys always entertains and is definitely the place to go if you are heading out in a group.

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A 2nd Opinion on WHat To Expect @ The 3 Wise Monkeys

By Kelly Teng

At some point or another, everyone has found themselves walking down George Street and passing the bar on the corner with a bunch of monkeys on top of their door. Normally, we ignore it and continue on with our busy lives, but I decided one night to venture in and explore what this location had to offer.

I was greeted with three levels: the ground floor holds the bar, the first level is a great place to just sit and relax, while the third floor has a dancefloor for anyone that has to satisfy their dancing needs. However, be warned: 3 Wise Monkeys is firstly a pub and bar, so while there is good music (mainly house, but with a bit of everything else) the amount of people that may actually be dancing to it will be far less than at the Pavilion’s top floor. While I was there the dancefloor was relatively empty, but it’s great to know that you and your mates have the option of dancing if you want to.

Of course, beer is cheap in the 3 Wise Monkeys. The main purpose of this pub is to sit back and chill out with your mates, or watch a couple of games on the TV. All of the other drinks are not as cheap as beer, but they are cheaper than the average which makes this spot perfect for a couple of pre-drinks before going out to nightclubs. Offering $3.50 schooners, $5 pints, and $7 pizzas, this pub is a great place to get your evening started.

The other great thing about 3 Wise Monkeys is its live entertainment. Bands play there almost every night of the week, which makes it a great place to catch up on the local music scene while having a glass of cold beer. In September-October of 2010 (which is when I went) there was a Budweiser Battle of the Bands competition which meant that the place was always filled with a great energy and buzz generated from the rising bands and their fans. The 3 Wise Monkeys also shows a bunch of sports on their big screens: soccer fans, be prepared to spend a lot of time in here over the season because they play matches from the Premier League, Champions League, and the World Cup whenever they can.

Because it is a pub first and a nightclub second the location is not overly decorated with mood lighting, low hanging lights, or chic chairs like other Sydney nightclubs. Instead, 3 Wise Monkeys provides a modest decorum that gives a homey feel. Of course, there are also mostly more guys than girls here so guys, if you’re looking to pick up I suggest you try The Pavilion instead. The age bracket sits within the 20s for most guests here, which makes the pub have a fairly good energy and a nice atmosphere of just being chilled out.

So the next time you’re down George Street and are about to walk past the place with the monkeys, think again: you might just find yourself a new favourite place to hang out.

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