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Macarthur Tavern

Corner Gilchrist Drive & Kellicar Road, Campbelltown
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The Macarthur Tavern was constructed over a period of 2 years, 2009 & 2010. It sits on the corner of Gilchrist Drive and Kellicar Road one of the main intersections in Campbelltown. It is a big part of the community in Campbelltown/Macarthur and surrounding communities offering one of the best social environments to meet people and catch up with friends.

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The Macarthur Tavern Review

Review by Ashleigh Elliot

I don’t know about you, but whenever I hear the word ‘tavern’, I immediately think of quaint, pint-sized pubs where everybody knows your name.

Macarthur Tavern (or Mac Tav to the regulars), is anything but, having quickly established itself as the go-to Campbelltown hotspot for a fantastic night of drunken depravity.

Having recently undergone an extensive revamp, Macarthur Tavern manages to merge nightclub, restaurant and sports bar successfully in order to create a haven for every party mood. With its wood panelling and low-lighting, you would be forgiven for thinking it is, in fact a pub. But the high-heeled, Henley’s t-shirt wearing masses and thumping House music are a dead give-away for what truly is a great night out.

Now, I know everyone loves a good late night Maccas run (myself included), but the in-house restaurant, Fillippo’s, serves a variety of Italian dishes at a reasonable price until midnight. On top of that, there is a huge indoor and outdoor seating area if you want a side of quiet with your meal. Granted, this is also the place where those young and in lust couples go for a private rendezvous, so be warned. The sports bar and small gaming area is situated just around the corner for all the punters out there who prefer to gamble than to grind.

Entry to the tavern itself is free, but if you wish to venture out to the appeal of endless dance tracks and sweaty under 25’s (and let’s face it who doesn’t) there is a fee of $10. However this does allow access to the huge outside terrace, comfortable seating area and dance floor, complete with two huge bars and ground level DJ’s. The drinks are a little overpriced for a local club, ranging from $5-$15, but this does include cocktails, which are hard to come by in anywhere but Sydney.

What did surprise me was the amount of effort people went through to get dressed up. Don’t get me wrong, there is no sign of pompousness anywhere, but I do suggest dressing a little more upscale then what a local spot calls for if you don’t want to draw attention to yourself. The crowds are what you’d expect: young, intoxicated, and up for a good time, which only adds to the magnetism of this blossoming local bar.

The Macarthur Tavern is rapidly growing in popularity amongst locals as the place to be on a Friday/Saturday night. Home to restaurant cuisine, lively atmosphere and fresh music, it’s easy to see why.

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