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Level Two

209 Queen St, Campbelltown, NSW
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Welcome to Level Two! At L2 we feature the best in entertainment from the nations finest DJ's to world class live acts. Level Two is set to become the Macarthur Region's place to be!

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Review By Kelly Wilkinson

Situated in the heart of Campbelltown, Level Two opened up in October on the old site of Vault, 209 and the long ago Chevy’s, and possibly many more nightclubs before that. The entrance is hidden next to a bank ATM and if you walked past it in the day you wouldn’t even notice it, but at night it comes alive with lights, music and people.

Entry is free. After clearing the ID machine, you will not get in unless your face matches your photo identity, you go up the stairs and are struck by an oasis, palm plants, plastic chairs and tables with umbrellas, and astro-turf on the walls. I instantly felt over dressed, this is a nightclub that wants its patrons to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. There doesn’t seem to be a dress code; jeans and shorts are acceptable attire and most people dressed casual. Post mix is free if you’re driving and a blue mildly alcoholic beverage that comes in a glass jar is free at the start of the night, but the price goes up as the night progresses. The bar staff are very polite and friendly. The venue is well lit for a nightclub you can actually see when you drop money on the floor, it’s not bright, but it’s dangerously dark either.

The club opens at 8pm, but it doesn’t start to come alive until around 9:30pm, and queuing to get in starts around 11pm. If you want to meet up and chat to your friends over some drinks, this is probably not the place for you, try the RSL club down the road. This place is for dancing and partying, although it took the DJ half an hour to start playing any music, when it did start it was a loud dance mix that inspired dancing. I was told they were trying out a new DJ so the music may vary as the DJs change, but they will all almost certainly be playing dance mixes.

For those that are so inclined, a rather large smoking room overlooks the main street in Campbelltown, it also has a test your strength machine in it with a few arcade games and an ATM just on the other side of the door. Several pool tables are hidden up the back of the nightclub near some seating booths, walking into that area was like being in a pool hall and not a nightclub at all.

The dance floor had been sectioned off from the other areas and is quite small but has a massive plasma screen TV that is used to great effect and is quite hypnotic; it makes the dance floor feel much larger.

This nightclub appeals to the 18 to 25 year olds although provided you are willing to party anyone is welcome, it’s young and it’s happening, it’s a great place to meet people, the music is modern and the drinks are cool and cheap. Level Two is a nice place for a night out dancing.

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