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Treehouse Hotel

60 Miller St, North Sydney, NSW
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The Tree House is an inviting place to eat drink and think. Its light Cuban tones provide you with a pallet of rich and rustic textures, vibrant splashes of colors; it evokes a sense of energy and passion, a free lighthearted spirit. Relax in our beautiful lush garden courtyard, surrounded by flowers plants and herbs, or the warmth and elegance of our eclectic restaurant and bar There is a strong focus on the colorful presentation of fresh produce and food spanning breakfast through to late supper. The Tree House offers you an inviting place to relax and unwind, for an early morning coffee or sumptuous breakfast, to a lazy lunch, or allow yourself to drift from afternoon to night to the background of Cuban Jazz, great friends ,fine wine and a sumptuous array of shared tapas, or superb supper from our extensive kitchen.

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The Treehouse Hotel Review

Review By Ben King

Located in the heart of the North Sydney CBD, the Treehouse Hotel is one of the more recent additions to the North Sydney bar and nightclub scene. Attracting an eclectic range of people of all ages, the Treehouse Hotel provides patrons with a classy yet relaxed atmosphere to wind down after a hard day's work, or letting ones hair down for a big night out.

Apart from the "treehouse inspired" decor as the name suggests, what immediately struck me was the army of 7 passionate, enthusiastic and efficient bar staff mixing cocktails and serving drinks. In fact at one point I was stunned to see five drinks waiting for me on the bar barely after I had slurred what I actually wanted. For me, nothing destroys a night more than bar staff that would rather talk about how they think an arts degree is really a degree amongst each other whilst patrons wait five deep to get served, which, I can assure you North Sydney has plenty of, so this was a very pleasant surprise (hats off to the bar staff and management of Treehouse)

Although I didn't get a chance to indulge in one, the Treehouse also provides very creative cocktail pitchers, which I feel is an excellent yet exceedingly rare offering by bars and clubs around Sydney. Apart from being slightly cheaper than your standard round, cocktail pitchers seem to foster a friendly, homely atmosphere.

In regards to the patrons of Treehouse, I'd say this is the type of place for groups and couples, rather than singles on the prowl, however given its location, is a fantastic place to start the night before heading to the mess and noise of the city, particularly given the impressive dining menu on offer.

Girls will be happy to note that the bathrooms are kept exceptionally clean (no I didn't check myself, however did receive an exceptionally dirty look from one of the girls I asked) and guys, well the only thing I can say about the bathrooms is be careful of the mirror... you will know what I mean when you go there.

All in all, the fantastic service as well as interesting decor (and absence of overbearing security staff just looking for an excuse to kick you out)created an exceptional experience. To the business people of North Sydney, I can strongly recommend you make this base camp for your after work drinks!!!!

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