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The White Hart

19-21 Grosvener St, Neutral Bay
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The White Hart is a collaboration of some of Sydney's most accomplished Chefs, Mixologists, Designers and Sommelier's. The word ‘hart’ is an archaic word for mature stag and the White Hart was Richard II’s personal emblem. The name became so popular as a tavern name during his reign and was adopted by so many inns that The White Hart at one time became a word in popular speech for describing any drinking house.

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The White Hart Review

Review by Ashleigh Baker

Do you feel the need to try something different, or feel yourself thinking “been there, done that”? I may have the solution for you.

The White Hart is located on Grosvenor Street in Neutral Bay, set back from busy Military Road. It is along a street with other bars and restaurants such as Firefly and The Local Bar, and just a short walk to The Oaks. It is also a quick bus or cab ride into the city if you feel the need to go out after visiting.

Overall, this bar provides a fairly laid-back atmosphere. Most people are dressed fairly well – the last time I went was a Friday night so people were still in their work attire but there were some very dressed up people, no doubt ready for a party later in the night; having said that, jeans and a nice shirt and shoes will go a long way too. It has great background music that keeps it chilled, so it isn’t really a place to dance or have a big one but it is a good place to have a conversation and enjoy good food and drinks with company.

One thing I loved about it was the service. The bartender that made our drinks was lovely and chatted and joked around with us. Whilst he was making us a ‘Speakeasy Iced Tea’ he also explained the background of iced teas in the Prohibition era in America. My friends and I shared the big teapot filled with the Tea in our teacups, but we also (unexpectedly) got melba toasts which were warmed up with a flame and served with marmalade or jam. Then, we got given an ancient-looking book with the inside cut out with a little bottle of alcohol and sweetener to mix in. If that wasn’t enough, he also made ‘steam’ come out of the teapot. Needless to say, I was very impressed. Did it taste good too though? You better believe it!

Another drink I saw drift past us was a martini or margarita served on what looked like grass with an iPod playing its own track. Whatever this cocktail was or whatever it contained, it is already on my ‘to do’ list the next time I go. This bar also prides itself on its wine selections and I must say, as someone who drinks and enjoys wine it is refreshing to hear of how thoughtful and thorough the decision making process on choosing wine is.

The White Hart also serves food. They have a good selection of tapas and casual dining options and whilst I haven’t eaten there myself, I was wishing I hadn’t eaten dinner before I arrived because everything I saw looked and smelled amazing. Maybe that’s another thing to add to the ‘to do’ list!I’d recommend it for a girls’ night out or a place to take a date if you want to impress them with something different. That, or if you’re a cocktail connoisseur I’d definitely make it your next place to try! It will make you feel fancy without being over-the-top fancy and you’ll come out of there with a really positive vibe. I know I was thinking “wow, that was an experience!”. You’ll have to be prepared for spending a bit of cash on your drinks though – nothing too exuberant but not the $5 beer deals that a pub would provide you either. Hey, I didn’t promise you it would be cheap, I promised you it would be worth it. If after all that you don’t believe me, it was awarded “Small Bar Of The Year” in 2011 by the ‘Bartender Magazine Awards’. Give it a go!

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