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Steyn Hotel

75 The Corso, Manly, NSW
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The Steyne Hotel is an icon of the Northern Beaches, recognized by many for its magnificent location overlooking Manly Beach and its great energy through providing diverse live entertainment, promotions and vast facilities - including bars, restaurants and function areas. Providing something for everyone, the Steyn Hotel has been a landmark of the Manly nightlife scene for for an extended period, and remains the destination of choice for so many Manly locals.

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Steyne Hotel Review

Review by Ben King

With a history as chequered as a chess board, the Steyne Hotel is both a famous and infamous institution in the Manly nightlife scene. Once upon a time, this venue was the place to go if you felt like punching someone in the head for no apparent reason. Management subsequently went to great lengths to get rid of this image, which can be seen by the hefty security presence as well as the extent to which they ensure that iced water is readily available. As a result, the Steyne (formerly known as "The Drain") provides customers with a far more impressive experience, one that I would travel from Inner Western Sydney home to attend again.

If one was to describe the venue in a single word, "versatility" would spring to mind. This place has something for everyone, dance floor playing the latest top 40 hits, lounge, pub area, courtyard, TAB and even arcade games. Casual is the name of the game for the guys, however the girl's seem to get dolled up in some ultra sexy outfits, which is a commendable double standard if you ask me.

Unfortunately the weather seemed to keep people indoors this Saturday night, however despite that, a healthy crowd of under 25's turned out, with all seemingly in the mood to have a good time, as was clear by the sheer volume of people hooking up on the dance floor. As such, for the singles out there looking to meet someone special don't be shy to head to the Steyne.

In terms of drinks prices, standard pub prices apply, and as such this attracts the uni students, however for some reason if you order a Vodka and Red Bull, which will set you back $12.50. You do get a full can of Red Bull (or equivalent energy drink) but seriously that is a bit much. In saying that, given the place is open till 3 in the morning, it is well worth the investment. I would suggest however if you do plan on partying till 3am, you make sure you have prior transport arrangements, as the taxi's are few and far between.

In summary, the people is what makes the Steyn a great place to spend your Saturday night. Everyone is approachable and out to have fun, which is a micro chasm of Manly itself... Well worth a visit!

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