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Harlem on Central

Shop 4, 9-15 Central Ave
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Inspired by the prohibition era speakeasies of the 1920's, Harlem on central is the latest & greatest addition to the manly bar landscape. From the moment you find the discreet, almost secret entrance you will immerse yourself in a bygone era oozing luxury & style. Harlem on Central, rethinking drinking & redefining dining!

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Harlem on Central Review

Review by Brett Turner

There's been a long standing undertone amongst Sydney sider's sentiment toward the night life on the Northern Beaches. That undertone being the notion that while the beauty of the Northern Beaches many, waterside, watering holes is hard to rival anywhere else in the harbor city, the night life of the Beaches has always lacked a certain…je ne sais quoi. Inner city suburbs like Surry Hills and Darlinghurst have really been the torch bearers over recent years and have been typically seen to set the bench mark for what is hip or not. But the Beaches isn’t without its own charm. Even if it’s only here and there in drips and drabs, some new hot spots have opened up on the Beaches that can rival any reputable establishment in the inner city. One of these new hot spots is Harlem on Central.

Manly’s newest cocktail lounge has really raised the bar in terms of what punters should be expecting from a night out in Man-town. From the street, with its blacked out windows, a person could easily walk past its humble entrance without the slightest hint towards the vigorous nightlife within, that is of course if it wasn’t for the velvet rope and beautiful door person standing sharp and attentive out the front.

Through the front door you step over an American style man-hole cover, which sets the theme of the bar, into a dim lit, ornately decorated room, complete with white shirt, black tie, black vested barmen, and 1920’s cocktail dress wearing barmaids making you feel, if it weren’t for the contemporary music, that you were stepping into a prohibition era speak easy, complete with chesterfield armchairs and delicately hanging chandeliers.

Harlem on Central blends, quite sophisticatedly, 1920’s late night cocktail class with modern street flare. A graffiti clad wall leads the way from the end of the stylishly lit room, where a lounge area encouraging patrons to relax and settle in for the evening lives, through to the restrooms, complete with door man and all. Though the atmosphere seems to ooze with class there is something about the personalities of the staff that seems to remind you that you’re in carefree Manly and that you can leave your pretention at the door.

As Harlem on Central has only just opened, it’s hard to stay what kind of crowd will call this place home, one of the essential factors for any happening joint. A clubs clientele really sets the mood of any night out but it’s the club itself that encourages its key demographic to return again and again, establishing the intended vibe of their space. From this I will take a wild stab in the dark and suggest that Harlem on Central will be consistently filled with an early to mid twenty’s, mid to late thirty’s crowd, chilled but vibrant spirits, who have the palate to appreciate their drinks and know how to have a good time. But, as a wise man once said, “nothing in life is certain accept for death and taxes.” That is with exception of course to the fact that, to date, there really is nothing quite like, Harlem on Central, in Manly or on the Northern Beaches.

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