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Club Tracks At Epping Hotel

58 Beecroft Rd, Epping, NSW
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Whether you're in the mood to chill out or take it up a notch, take the staircase to the next level... The atmosphere in Club Tracks sets it apart from the rest of Sydney hotels.

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What to Expect @ Club Tracks

Review by Jessica Sachse

Nestled between Thai restaurants and kebab houses lies a nondescript venue: the Epping Hotel. 5 days of the week this sleepy place is a meeting point for locals after work and families having a nice meal. But every Wednesday and Friday night, the Epping Hotel throws off its quiet alias and comes alive, quite literally. Roped barriers go up, bouncers come out and the young locals flock to Club Tracks to have a dance and a drink.

Club Tracks is the Epping Hotel's nightclub. It has been designed for young people, from the photo booth upstairs to the arcade machines downstairs. The dance floor is the centrepiece of Tracks, taking up a vast majority of the floor surface and placed so it can be seen not only from the various seated areas and downstairs bar, but from the upstairs level as well.

I was warned on my first adventure to Tracks that the bouncers were strict with who they let in. Nervously clutching my I.D, I waited in line. I got in without a hitch and headed straight to the upstairs bar. Pleasantly surprised by drink prices, I ordered a vodka and lemonade for $4.50 and a Tooheys New for $4.95. When I asked about the reasonable prices, one of the bar staff pleasantly replied that mixed drinks are $6.45 usually, but Fridays are cheaper. "We have a special on Boags as well at the moment, $4," he finished with a grin, before hurrying off to serve one of the many thirsty clubbers.

I made my way to the outside area of tracks to finish my drink. Feeling uncomfortable in the cramped courtyard, I stood against the wall as all the seats were taken. This is the only area in the club for smokers (except for the gambling area) so those seeking fresh air are in trouble. Eager for an excuse to go back inside, I suggested the dance floor. My girlfriends were more than happy to oblige.The DJ starts at 10pm, but the dance floor does not fill up until about 11:30pm. Once it does fill up though, it is easy to see why the locals come back week after week. Almost everyone in the club eventually finds their way to the dance floor. You can't help but feel that sense of camaraderie and friendship that only comes with sharing your favourite song with the random girl next to you.

If you're young and after a cheap night out, come on down the Club Tracks, and have a dance with the locals.

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