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Charlie Bar

55 North Steyne (Novotel), Manly, NSW
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Charlie Bar is a chic modern bar overlooking Manly Beach. Located on the ground level of the iconic Novotel Sydney Manly Pacific Hotel, Charlie Bar (once a live music mecca on the Northern Beaches) has evolved into a modern and relaxed drinking, dining and entertainment experience.

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Review by Sally Rawsthorne

Prior to it's induction as the Charlie Bar, the bottom floor of the Manly Pacific Hotel isn't exactly somewhere I'd plan to head on a night out; it was daggy, dated and featured far too much karaoke. However, the recent designer attention that it's received has set a place for it in the hearts of many Northern Beaches locals. Although a relative newcomer on the Manly nightlife scene, Charlie Bar is definitely the place to see and be seen. It's exactly what you'd expect from a bar located in an international high-end hotel; it's chic and sleek, a definite step up from its former self.

Upon arrival, there is rarely much of a line, unlike some of Manly's more pretentious offerings. I stroll inside – feeling like a rock star, no line for me! - and am, as always, impressed by the venue. The bar is just beautiful – the floors are white and tiled, and exposed blonde wood features heavily. My favourite thing, though, is the chairs that swing from the roof, and whenever I go there I make a beeline for them. Unsurprisingly, they are everyone else's favourites as well, and you've gotta be real quick to nab one of these bad boys.

Of course, Charlie Bar's million-dollar view is also a great enticement. The moon hanging over the surf at Manly makes a pretty impressive background for any pictures on your Facebook. The open-plan design, with the dance floor practically opening up onto the street works well for the surroundings. Charlie Bar is especially good for a dance, being that it rarely feels too crowded. Plus, the music is lots of fun – think Usher, Jackson 5 and Far East Movement.

The staff at Charlie Bar are reflective of the type of clientele that it tries to attract – young, fun and good looking. In fact, none of them would look out of place on the dance floor there, and they've flirted with my friends and I on more than one occasion – not that we're complaining! Speaking of flirting, there's a great deal of that going on at Charlie Bar. It's not so noisy and crowded as many of the area's bars, making it ideal for a cute chat with a cute stranger. As I mentioned, many a good looking boy and girl has loitered in Charlie Bar... if you're in the market, then Charlie Bar is a pretty good market!

The drinks on offer in Charlie Bar are a pretty standard variety, although upstairs does nice cocktails when it opens (Saturday nights). The prices are a little bit steeper than most other Manly establishments, but happy hour (4 – 6 pm) is well worth a visit; if you're in Manly of an afternoon, head to Charlie Bar for $5 beers, wine and champagnes. However, if you're pinching pennies on a night out, then you won't enjoy Charlie Bar. It's all about being glamourous, and pretending that you're in an episode of Gossip Girl...although that could just be me.

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