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Tigerbakers Cafe and Bar

292 Victoria Street
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It’s the Chesterfield lounges, the comfort food, the always great coffee, the pop art which lines the walls, the boss’s eclectic soundtrack – it’s all of these things, plus a certain mysterious charm that has kept Tigerbakers nicely ticking along for nearly ten years. The constantly-evolving interior which pulls references from art deco, to pop art and much in between. With the unique vibe created by the eccentricity of its design, so too the eccentrics of the neighbourhood followed.

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Tigerbakers Cafe and Bar Review

Review by Atlanta Webster

A collision of contrasts, and a kaleidoscope of Asian dreams, it’s a wonder Tigerbakers doesn’t have a seat more firmly set in musical chairs of the Sydney party scene. Unpretentious, yet cool, you would think Tigerbakers would be “the” reliable watering hole to frequent. Strangely though, the crowd is almost decisively local: four of the groups of taking up most of the space were St Vincent’s Hospital employees having the regular end of week beverage.

But who’s to say “the local” can’t also be classy and cool? It appears that’s exactly what Tigerbakers thrives on: contrast. Candles and flashing party lights are complemented with the hue of orange, red and blue lanterns. Granite floors meet wooden benches. Soft lounges sit next to sparse wooden stools. Nothing fits, and yet the mish-mash is organized in such a way that you know there is more than just feng-shui behind the table arrangements. It is inviting, warm, comfortable.

In a place of contrasts, you expect people of contrast, and Tigerbakers won’t let you down. Whilst it’s groups galore, the crowd – who ranged from mainly late 20s on – were dressed in ripped jeans and t-shirts, to the butt-cheek showing spandex leather dresses you’re more likely to see down on Bayswater Rd. Anyone is welcome - the décor assures that.

And in a place where all are welcomed, you can only expect the atmosphere to be relaxed, casual and fun. The Asian themed mish-mash added an air of frivolity that comes with being on a carefree holiday. This is not a place to go for a serious drink with a friend. You come here to wind-down, relax, have a few before moving on to the next place.

And why not? Set in a prime location on Victoria Rd the prices are almost a steal. Cocktails were the standard $16, and the bartender certainly didn’t skimp on the vodka in my raspberry mojito. It made me go back for seconds. The bar menu was also reasonable – ranging from around $8 for a snack to $22 being the highest price for a main. Cheap prices for Darlinghurst without being dodgy: expensive enough to keep away the rougher kind of crowd without breaking the bank.

A warm atmosphere, decent drinks, music you can sing along to, and a crowd that is all inviting; it’s strange Tigerbakers isn’t “hotter” than it is. Yet perhaps that’s what makes it so cool, it’s unadvertised but established presence. Was it the “coolest” place in town? Hell no. So I did what every Sydneysider would – drank, ate, enjoyed my time, and then went searching for a better venue...and on that particular night, I didn’t find one.

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