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The Golden Sheaf

429 New South Head Road, Double Bay, NSW
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One of East Sydney's most well known and spectacular venues, the Golden Sheaf is as icon of the East Sydney's bar scene. Housing 4 equally amzing bar areas (Soda, Deck Bar, Back Bar and the Sports Bar), the Golden Sheaf has the uncanny ability to provide for all tastes and preferences under the one roof. As you would expect of a Double Bay bar, the Golden Sheaf provides opulence and luxury at every turn. Without question, the Golden Sheaf is something to behold and must be experienced to be fully understood.

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The Golden Sheaf Review

Review by Emily Jacobs

Not many places deserve the label ‘institution’, but the Golden Sheaf in Double Bay is mighty close. The expansive venue is well-known throughout the Eastern Suburbs and beyond as the place to be for a fun, and possibly messy night.

I visit the venue on a Wednesday, its busiest night. At 9:30pm, the music is pumping, the drinks are $5 and the queue outside, despite the torrential rain, is getting longer. It’s a testament to the place that young 20-somethings are still willing to withstand the cold and rain to get inside.

The pure size of the Sheaf is surprising. Upon entering, there are multiple possibilities – do you turn left to the sports bar, featuring pool tables and racing on the TVs above? Or continue forward to the back bar, with comfy couches and a huge outside, but covered, dance floor? Go upstairs and you could lounge in the Soda Bar, the area that screams opulence and luxury? Here you can escape the sweaty shoulder rubbing of below and relax in the 1920's themed spaces. Your last choice is the newer Deck Bar, which allows you to watch over the action below and check out the local 'talent'.

I manage to make my way through all four in the space of a few hours and all offer a different experience. The Sports Bar is the emptiest of them all, mainly because it's hard to play pool in a packed room. Continuing outside, the dance floor is pumping and the hits are playing, making it the perfect spot to rub shoulders with some like-minded party animals. The Soda and Deck bars are packed, so there isn't a chance to lounge around.

The most surprising elements of the Sheaf is the modern design. Each area looks different but all have sleek lines and an elegance that makes it much more classier than some of its competitors.

As mentioned, the clientele are mainly people who still fit into their Year 12 school jerseys. However, outside of Wednesdays, the venue is just another hotel, meaning there are a variety of visitors, ranging from the regulars to those after a cool drink on a hot summer's day. The popularity with pretty young things could be due to Happy Hour – it's $5 drinks until 11. Outside those times, the drinks are averagely priced, with beers ranging form $6-8 and spirits starting at $7.

In general, the Golden Sheaf is definitely worth a visit for the whole bar experience. With something for everyone, you can't go wrong.

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A Second Review of the Golden Sheaf

Review by Julius Ruaya

The Golden Sheaf is a Double Bay institution. I remember passing it as a young boy on those occasional trips to "where the rich people live".

It was a Sunday night when I visited. I was met by a big scary bouncer who guarded the front door and asked how many drinks I had. "None," I said, and passed his test. When I walked in I noticed the layout lead me to the outdoor bar. This makes the bar inside quite easy to miss.

It's old meets new in terms of decor. The Sheaf's outdoor bar looks modern and slick while indoors resembles a gaming den. The colour scheme is mainly grey. The outside is lit with gas heaters and lights hanging from trees and wires. The outdoor counter is made from green marble and wood.

Even though it was Sunday night, the Sheaf was still in party mode. The place has an energy that is driven by the owner's choice of rock and pop music and decor. The Sheaf is not a cosy pub. I felt I was at a millionaire's garden party sitting in the outside bar - it's Double Bay after all. The indoor bar, with big screen projector and pool tables, feels like a den. Even here the energy from outside could be felt. I hadn't felt this buzz in the other places I visited.

I mainly saw 20-somethings during my visit. A few middle-aged people dotted the Sheaf. No matter their age the clientele were classy and hip. That's Double Bay for you. What surprised me was the variety of clothes being worn. A man wore a stylish black trench coats while another shorts and a Hawaiian t-shirt. The dress code was very relaxed to the Sheaf's credit. In this part of Sydney I would've expected the likes of Zegna and Versace.

The price of drinks and food is average. I was able to have a schooner but sadly the kitchen had already closed when I arrived. I got up from my seat to see the meals on offer. All of them were reasonably priced. What I like about the Golden Sheaf is you don't need a fat wallet to eat here. It totally bucks the stereotype that you pay double in Double Bay.

In the end, I'd tell you the night you're after depends on the venue. The Golden Sheaf is great if you want to party and dance. It has that buzz. If you just want to relax alone or with friends, find somewhere else.

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