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Eau De Vie

229 Darlinghurst Rd, Darlinghurst, NSW
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Discretely hidden at the back of the Kirketon hotel, Eau-de-Vie is an intimate, dimly lit, jazz infused speakeasy created for the discerning bon vivant. Let our amicable host and expert team of bartenders transport you back to a much forgotten era where great service, cocktails, tommy guns and good times were king.

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Eau De Vie Review

Review By Sarah Han

Nearly impossible to find, this mysterious bar is one of Sydney's best secrets. You can only find your way to Eau De Vie is if you know that it's hidden inside the dark Kirketon Hotel. What's visible first is The Art Lounge, which serves great tapas. Then, snake your way past the bathrooms and you'll finally find Eau De Vie.

The venue is dark and decadent. There are long sofas that take up one side of the room, accompanied by low tables. A high table, whose tabletop is actually a dark heavy door, sits in the middle of the room. This is one of the smallest bars I've been to, but definitely one of my favorites.

Eau De Vie is celebrated for its cocktails. And rightfully so. The impressive display of various alcohols behind the bar not only adds to the decor but also showcases Eau De Vie's emphasis on quality and mixology. My favourite cocktail here is Mesha ($17) but the Crusta Reserve ($16.50) is also great.

There's even a beer cocktail (regretfully I forgot its name), served in a beer bottle, with chocolate undertones. What I love about the drinks here is that quite a few of them come in a range of (perhaps faux) crystal glasses. The food here is also worth a mention. There's a yummy cheese platter and a range of pizzas on offer.

The service here is impeccable without fail. The last time I went with a bigger group and we were served complimentary sangria (which, by the way, was the best sangria I've had thus far).

Personally, I think Eau De Vie is best on a Sunday - once I came with a group of around ten and another time with a group of twenty. Both times we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. On Fridays and Saturdays thought the small venue feels a little too packed for my liking.

It's no surprise that this bar has won Australia's "Bar of the Year" at the Gourmet Traveller 2011 Restaurant Guide Awards. I absolutely love this place!

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