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Darlo Bar

306 Liverpool St, Darlinghurst, NSW
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The Darlo Bar/Royal Sovereign Hotel has long been considered a community lounge room, and a funky one at that. The furniture is a retro-kitsch mix of styles spanning from the 1850's to the 80's which is a fantastic match to the casual, layed back atmosphere of this unique venue. With a patio and garden wonderland upstairs, it is no wonder why the Darlo is still one of the main attractions of the Darlinghurst nightlife scene

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Review by Sarah Griffith

I hate competitive sports. There's something about schoolyard netball or rugby that I never seemed to understand. And playing games in a bar is perhaps even more ridiculous by my standards. I'll admit I'm a pretty sore loser and there's been a few times where I've had to fight the urge to snap a pool cue in rage, but shouldn't socializing over a beverage be about enjoying the company of friends, rather than challenging them?

Ranting aside, if you disagree with me, you'll love Darlo Bar in Darlinghurst. My boyfriend, who apparently loves a testosterone fuelled packman game, dragged me along to Darlo Bar. It was probably a mistake to come on trivia night. I was in my post work, pre-drink struggle, and the microphone was way too loud! The atmosphere didn't really grab me - although, on a glass-half-full note, Darlo Bar's done a pretty impressive job of trying to encourage social interaction. There's trivia nights, karaoke, drink specials, pool, and even an old school 2 player packman machine which doubles as a table. The arcade game style is a cool touch...but I stand by my game hating.

The upstairs bar is a recent addition, and was an entirely different experience. The patio continues the '50s feel in decor, but without the competitive nature. The dim lit outdoor area is comfortably heated and very pleasant, even in winter. The mismatched couches and tables underneath the wall mounted toucan decorations give the bar a very chilled out and kitsch feel. Seating arrangements are all askew, and able to be moved around to each nook and cranny to suit your needs. The music isn't fantastic though, it seems to be a playlist of newish to '80s music, which kind of ruins the whole '50s vibe they seem to be going for. But it's barely noticeable considering how busy and energetic this little bar gets.

Drinks are pretty reasonable for city prices and they've got some rare beers and cider on tap. Don't expect anything fancy apart from that though. Sunday brings $10 jug specials on local beer, and $10 Bloody Marys... but who likes bloody Marys? One of the main reasons people come here, is due to the hospitality. If you ask the bar staff to grab you some takeaway from a nearby food outlet, they'll do it, and serve if to you in big white designer bowls.

I guess the best way to describe Darlo Bar would be 'nearly there.' With a little atmosphere consistency, and some better drink specials, this place could be awesome. It somehow remains the place to be in Darlinghurst!

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