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Beach Burrito Company

252 Campbell Pde, Bondi Beach NSW
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Beach Burrito is a pretense free, cheap and healthy ‘Fast Casual’ restaurant that has adapted to its local surroundings. Mixing Australian beach side culture with fast yet healthy Mexican-style food, Beach Burrito is a fun and laid back eatery that is by no means intimidating nor flashy. Welcoming staff keep things casual with FUN being the driving force of the company.

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Beach Burrito Company Review

Review by Patrick Webb

Just wiped off my salty gringo moustache and chowed down on a hot beanie package topped off with a super spicy sauce. That's right, you read it! This is one of my all time favourite joints to haunt on a lazy mid-week day, or early weekend evening. Why? Well, I have to say that this place is 'real' and has a great little vibe to it. Many like the Ritz and flairs of high society and snobbery; however, I like the raw aspect of the BBC (not the news channel), the Australian owned Beach Burrito Company. However, if you want to write some worldwide news that will catch the attention of all, then go ahead and pitch it to 'em, I would.

The Bondi vibe is a little touristy and somewhat overrated. However, you cannot excuse the need to hang around such places. It is famous for a reason. Apart from dodging little Asian children and photo-bombing their persistent documentation, there is a nice little escape from the busy beach mayhem. In winter, it is a little more subdued. With summer time rolling through the east coast of Australia, it can see a tirade of humans flocking to the sands and hankering for a tightly wrapped burrito! Why not bring the holidaymakers to this wonderful wholesome spot? Business is business! And it is much better than tyranny of those American owned corporate food chains that produce 1/50th of the nutrients. You buy your burrito and take-off on you longboard, cause this place gets busy! Alternatively, you can wait with a mate and sip a brewski.

The menu is lavish with traditional in-house comestibles. The Grilled Fish Burrito with some Jalapeno hot-sauce is a winner in my eyes, washed down with a bottle of pale ale. The need for something spicy after a dip in the ocean has a similar connection to God and Religion. BBC offers specials all the time and they have the Tequila to match. You can go in an dine or you can have a good afternoon session on the juice in their classic Mexican, spun with modern illustration, interior. The seating is very limited and you're often, on the busy season, waiting or just standing out the front munching on your Taco. Again, the seafood is the highlight of this little bar, as it comes with the territory.

The people that flock to this place are mostly locals that pour in after a surf or a long sleep and need a shot and spicy chomp to wake up. It is a great location to warm up and head out on to the Parade and beyond. The service is chilled and considerate and there are no problems in hanging out and chatting to the crews. It is a spicy recommendation that is perfectly complimented by their range of cocktails and Tequilas!

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