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The Spice Cellar

58 Elizabeth St, Sydney NSW
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The Spice Cellar is a unique European inspired underground lounge bar & club. The mission is to create a late night dining and entertainment venue that caters for a mature, cultured and musically educated audience. Filling the void in Sydney for a place for those who enjoy forward thinking non-commercial music, at the same time have a discerning palate for quality drinks, good service & late night dining. Open Tuesday to Friday, 4pm-midnight as a cocktail & lounge bar with tapas food and from 10pm on Fridays the venue transforms into nightclub mode for the weekend. Soft & Slow Fridays from 10pm until 6am and Sydney's clubbing institution SPICE every Saturday from 10pm-10am with international and local DJ's headlining every week.

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What To Expect @ The Spice Cellar

Review by Dean Pattalis

Over the same hectic and seedy club experiences that the Cross has to offer every Saturday night? Nestled underground in the middle of a commercial hub just opposite Martin Place you’ll find one of Sydney’s best kept secrets and one of the most underrated clubs in the business. On Saturday nights, The Spice Cellar plays host to a party simply known as ‘Spice’. The party, renowned amongst its contingent of regulars for being the place to kick on until the sun comes up, does not disappoint. Whilst this ‘kick on’ tag is what propelled the place in to cult status, Spice has come of age and has a lot to offer besides being a place for munters to keep on munting.

Upon arriving at around 11pm, there was a modest queue, with around a 5-10 minute wait. The queue tends to grow over the course of the night, as Spice generally hits capacity at around 1am. As you head down the stairs, you’ll immediately feel embraced by the feeling that this is an intimate venue, despite being generously sized. Low ceilings and some quirky furniture reminiscent of the early 20th century make The Spice Cellar a unique venue to party.

At that time, the crowd was probably geared towards late-20-somethings but this tends to work its way down as the night progresses to a cool mix of people ranging in age from fresh party goers to people in to their 30s. Despite the disparity in age, the club maintains its class and awesome party vibe as you can feel the shared passion for what drives them to this party - the tunes. You won’t find the DJs peddling the same big room electro you’ll find throughout many venues in Kings Cross or the city. Instead you’ll find some of the best and funkiest deep and tech house that Sydney has to offer. The $20 pricetag for entry is somewhat justified by the international headliners that Spice has cranking most weekends of a month. The best local headliners don’t hit the decks until the sun starts to peer over the horizon. And boy don’t you know about it; the place is seriously loud, and with great acoustics that really facilitate the deep, groovy basslines.

During its busiest hours, the wait for a drink can be a bit hefty. The prices are pretty much standard city prices, and the range of beers is on point. $8 for a house beer which on the night were Becks and Peroni. There’s also a cool range of interesting cocktails if you’re that way inclined. Their speciality lies within the spirits mixed with their freshly juiced fruit juices. They mix their fresh apples with almost anything and they’re pretty damn tasty. There are plenty of casual and attractive seating areas in close vicinity to the bar if you’re keen for some ‘quiet’ drinks earlier in the night.

Spice is a party that keeps you wanting to stay out all night, and this is reflected in the faces of some of the substance happy folk you come across in there. They’re all just there for a good time with good people and good music. The vibe is really just fun, deep and literally underground, and it makes you want to feel uninhibited and get immersed in it all. If you’re the type to stay until the doors close at 10am, be sure to have a pair of sunglasses handy. You don’t want to expose the general public to what your eyes may look like.

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