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Space is a purpose built, newly renovated venue and located in the heart of the Sydney CBD designed for functions, events, dance parties, concerts and live entertainment. The design is sexy, opulent and luxurious in shades of chocolate brown, bronze, deep red and muted golds. Distinctive wall finishes with baroque wallpaper and feature dome style custom chandeliers and ornate oversized mirrors complement the comfy oversized ottomans and chesterfields. Space comprises the stunning 300-capacity Antebar leading into 800-capacity main room equipped with the very best sound and lighting system money can buy. The unique main room design allows the capacity to be reduced without diminishing the look and style.

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Review By Peter Tzortzis

On the corner of Liverpool Street lies Space Nightclub, since 2005 a venue that has provided Sydney with a unique atmosphere with the main bar and Masif Saturday nights combing to bring the attendee a different experience, as I found ‘Masif Saturday’s’ to create a unique environment.

After waiting in line and then gaining approval from four security guards at the front door I walk up the stairs to the main bar where three things immediately stood out: the bar, dance floor and the projector. Long wooden tables lay across, as people drink, talk and engage with the action on the projector screen. The crowd of a mixed age group that mostly appeared to be in their twenties were either on the dance floor, dancing away to today's range of music from Pop to R&B, or there eyeballs were glued to the large projector which was showing a football match from the English Premier League. The majority of people were dressed casually, shirts either dripping with sweat from how much they were dancing or because they were immersed in a top four clash between Liverpool and Arsenal.

Summer drinks are to be purchased for $10, the three being Paraiso Bliss (Paraiso Lychee Liqueur, Midori, orange and cranberry juice), Hot Lips (Midori, rum, lime and cranberry juice) and the one I bought, Illusion (Vodka, Midori, Cointreau, and pineapple juice). Overall, the specials satisfied the customers who I spoke to, even the friends who I was with as they all purchased the beer of the month for $5 as costs where reasonable with nothing being overpriced. I notice cheers and screaming once a goal is scored…why not sit down and enjoy the soccer game for a while before travelling upstairs to join the fun at Masif, ‘Sydney's #1 Harder Styles Club’ as it was being promoted.

Paying $25 for entry I get my glow in the dark UV stamp and make it to the top of the stairs where I am overpowered by the sound of hard style and electro that is blazing from the standard NEXO sound system. Flashing decorations, green laser lights moving across the room, an energetic crowd being moved by the sound of music, I was caught up in this fast-paced, upbeat atmosphere. I took a seat with the few who were lying on the couch as a result of exhaustion from dancing and asked them what they thought of the night, they were having a ball and soon after they got up to gabber with the crowd.

Space was a nightclub that offered two distinct elements. Downstairs was more of a social place for interacting and chilling out, where people had an option of either the dance floor or the sport. Alternatively, upstairs on a Saturday night at Masif, it was extraordinarily different from downstairs; it embraced nonstop movement and energy that almost felt like a miniature version of Defqon! Whenever the liveliness is a little too much to handle on the upper floor, you can recuperate at the main bar before going upstairs to go at it all over again.

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