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Mr Bs Hotel

396 Pitt St, Sydney, NSW
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Mr B's is a site rich in history. It has housed a butcher, a confectioner and Sydney's best Chinese restaurant (which was also the first to serve Yum Cha). In a previous incarnation, this venue was a popular gathering spot for the local Chinese community. Recently, Mr B's has undergone a major renovation, with 3 levels, 3 bars, outdoor seating with smoking area and dining. The venue is a versatile platform that can be booked for various events from fashion shows to live performances and company parties.

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Review By Peter Tzortzis

Without a doubt one of the most iconic sites with such rich history can be found on Pitt Street where the local Chinese community would gather in the early 1930s. Since those times, Mr B’s has undergone renovations as the venue is comprised of 3 levels that can be booked for various events from fashion shows to live performances and company parties. Whilst inviting in our multicultural society, Mr B’s Hotel has continued to remain faithful to its Asian heritage by serving traditional dishes.

Stepping inside the main bar which can be found on the ground floor, employees serve and continuously pace around the dining tables that are occupied by working colleagues and families, who mostly appear 25 years and older. Once approaching the other side of the main bar, the environment transformed as I moved from the busy iima restaurant, to a laid back, stress-free bar in no time. I sat amongst a causal crowd who were watching the soccer that was offered from two television screens and one large projector with current music from across all genres (mainly house) playing in the background.

Before going upstairs to the cocktail lounge, I had to try my best to not get distracted by the loud, talkative atmosphere while reading through the menu. Mostly Japanese food, Thai food, seafood and soups are on the menu and priced at a decent rate where, for instance, a Teriyaki fish at Mr B’s Hotel is valued at $19, other venues alternatively sell fish for over $30 typically. Taking one last glance before going to the cocktail lounge, I observed that the grey tiles and the marble white bar bench created a modern tone to the main bar which was a large room where many metres above my head, candles were sitting on wooden decorations which hung from the ceiling.

On the way upstairs, I pass by a game room with poker machines and as I continue, again I move into another different setting, the cocktail lounge. Dark lighting along with red and white sofas, floorboards as opposed to downstairs’ tiles, generates a laid back feeling which is great for socialising as small round tables are positioned around the bar. Similarly, a range of house music can be heard as groups of people gather around tables and the outside smoking area to enjoy the night interacting with each other. As the Mr B’s Hotel logo reappears around the entire building, particularly upstairs and floats between its visitors, the cocktail lounge is more interested in serving drinks whereas downstairs emphasises eating. The cocktail lounge is an ideal place to go to start the night off with pre-drinks as an ordinary beer jug only costs $18.

Finding it difficult to access the underground ultralounge nightclub located downstairs, I got in touch with an employee and realized that the third floor is only open for functions or when it is hired out for the night. Mr B’s Hotel has a long history and culture associated with it, yet it is modern and that balance is probably one of the reasons why it was enjoyable.

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