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Concourse Bar

Concourse Level, Wynyard Station, 33 York Street, Sydney NSW
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The Concourse Bar, right on the concourse level at Wynyard Station Sydney CBD, has a vibrant main bar, private areas for that special catch up and large screen TVs throughout where you can watch all of the major sporting events and current entertainment news. Drop by for a game of pool, enjoy a quick lunch, a drink before you head home. Screens with live State Rail timetables mean you will never miss your train again!

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What To Expect @ Concourse Bar

Review By Kelly Blake

The first thing that stood out about Concourse Bar was that other than the bartender and the two lingerie waitresses, I was the only female patron. Concourse is definitely a venue that caters more to the male clientele, or anybody that isappreciative of the female body. However the atmosphere of the bar was not entirely unnerving nor was it filled with older men, although there was a couple sitting at the end of the bar. It was fun and lively, and the average age was between late twenties and early thirties. It mainly appeared to be people that had finished work for the day and wanted to relax, this is most certainly the place to wash away thetroubles of the day and forget for a little while.

Concourse is outfitted like a modern gentlemen’s bar complete with leather lounges, pool tables and poker machines, one thing which the movies have and Concourse doesn’t is the ability to smoke. Another difference would be the way the waitresses are dressed. Rather than the ladies being discreetly undressed, the waitresses were fitted in sexy/cheeky policemen and nurses outfits. Additionally once a month Concourse puts on a ‘painted pin-ups’ day, where the ladies are dressed in only underwear bottoms and paint. Concourse is definitely not a place for individuals with delicate sensibilities about nudity. There is also a large data projector and televisions on every wall showing news and sports.

Prices are not too bad for a bar in the heart of Sydney, if you are trying to locate Concourse Bar, it is in Wynyard Station. They also have a large selection of beer and spirits. Tap beers range from VB and Pure Blonde through to Fat Yak and Peroni, prices range from $4.70 to $5.30 respectively. There is a limited bar menu available, mainly pizzas ($18.00), which are only offered during the lunch anddinner periods, and Curries ($12.00) and Pies ($3.50-$7.00) which can be ordered at any time.

Concourse also offers free Wi-Fi, although password protected it is written on the blackboard behind the bar. The bar frequently holds promotions and specials and all the relevant information can be found on their website. Concourse is open Monday through Friday with lingerie waitresses available from Tuesday’s onwards and is closed on weekends. However, it can be booked out for private events and they will happily open on the weekend just for you. I have heard that it is particularly popular with Bucks Parties, you can even choose your waitresses.

In summary if you’re looking for something different and fun and you have some time to fill in before your next train go and give Concourse Bar a go!

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