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Civic Hotel

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The Civic, built in 1940, is proud of its heritage as a grand art deco architectural tribute to the Hotel industry. Despite being built in the depression of the 1930's, the Civic was designed and constructed to be one of the most physically impacting art deco buildings in Australia. Provides a diversity of offerings in the various environments on its three floors to satisfy the different needs of its audiences. Each floor embodies its own service style, ambience, decor and entertainment. From a simple drink, al a carte dining, late night supper, premier artist performances or an array of Sydney's finest DJ's, Civic houses something for everyone all under one roof.

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Civic Hotel Review

Review by Michael Vatalidis

Before venturing to The Civic Hotel, I had only ever heard about the place from one person. I was definitely not expecting the most exciting night or a unisex toilet, which seems like the perfect opportunity to get it on for some. In desire of a relaxed night, taking my girlfriend to this place was quite a nice tactic.

As we approached The Civic Hotel, it was quite clear that where we were going was not the classiest place in Sydney or the scummiest, but with a love hotel not far down the road; it certainly comes close (in distance).

The Civic Hotel was constructed in the 1940s and is an old, retro building located on the corner of Goulburn and Pitt Street in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. We were searching for more of a “chilled night out” and it was off to a great start, with the warmest welcome from the nicest bouncers we had ever met. There were definitely no smug faces but a quick inquiry of how our night had been and guidance to finding our way through the hotel.

The hotel has three different levels, each offering a different ambiance and atmosphere. On the entry level, adjacent the bistro and gaming room is the old styled bar, unlike the flashy modern rooms above and below. Entering the bar, we felt like children walking into an old, quiet American café, turned bar, with an enjoyable feel. Brown and red wooden walls, tiles and furnishings enhanced the retro design. For 11pm on a Friday evening, the place was not very busy but had a mixed atmosphere.

Attire ranged from Hawaiian printed T-Shirts to businessmen sporting suits who were all welcome by the Civic for a relaxed and upbeat night. A slightly older crowd dominated the room but there were still young people present in search of a quiet and relaxed night out with friends.

If you are planning a big night out with your friends, don’t expect to spend your entire night at The Civic. If you are looking for a place for after work drinks in the area or a chilled out place to relax and grab drinks with friends, the Civic is a fine place to go. However, with such a relaxed and retro feel, most young people will be looking to look for a more exciting night elsewhere, unless they are football or rugby league fanatics, then their eyes will probably be glued to the two LCD screens in the main room. The long tables and high stools are positioned throughout the room and the soft house music allows for conversation.

Drink prices are on par with most upper class bars and clubs, with cocktails averaging on $17 each while spirits are priced at an average of $7. The top level provides for a much younger crowd where a livelier crowd and louder music is present. Long couches parade the dark room supporting by dimly lit purple and blue lights Overall, the Civic Hotel offers a nice and slightly overpriced night for adults and young people in search of a quiet and relaxed night out. Its retro styling and excellent location, combined with its comfortable atmosphere make it a great place if you’re in search of a tame night out.

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