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White Rabbit

2 Roslyn St, Potts Point, NSW
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White Rabbit has hit Sydney in a big way and every week delivers the very best of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) with well known local artists and international guests creating atmospheres unlike anything you have ever experienced in a club environment before.

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White Rabbit Review

Review by Patrick Webb

'Trendy' & 'Popular' seems to have negative connotations, especially amongst youths trying to stand out above the rest. If a place becomes 'popular' then it becomes 'unpopular' by these 'cool' groups of children. However, by taking back the true meaning of these words, I can describe one place in Sydney where it is very much 'trendy' and 'popular' with all positive connotations.

White Rabbit has potential to be a great bar that could set itself amongst the greats in Sydney. With growing popularity, there are some fresh ideas coming to play. There seems to be an amalgamation of talents and forward thinking, which is common for a team aimed at success, but rarely executed well. Themed nights attract particular crowds. Particular crowds bring specific vibes. Vibes are important for the success of failure of an evening.

This particular evening, which was themed 'Masquerade', attracted my attention to 'be there'. People were queuing around the corner, mixed bodies with pre-meditated attire, and the urge to be seen. This is fun. The oddities of humans ranged from years of 18-30 and nothing but smiles. This is a good vibe. The security staff are nice people – but only if you're nice to begin with (hints for you trouble makers). There is a seamless succession, throughout 'speak-easy' style door, as bodies are admitted into the venue and make their way up the stairs inside.

The first bar, upon entry to your left, is claimed as a 'chill out' area for people to enjoy conversation. So be it. Typically, it looks art deco and a little pokey, and is not much to look at. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This place is raw and a little rough around the edges, and it's just right. The combination of party people, hipsters, hip-hoppers, babes and odds, kind of substantiates a great little culture with a little bit of everything. Just right.

The music isn't too loud, which is good. But it's got enough guts to make you wiggle. This is the main room, as you'd expect, the bar toward the back and the stage, D-floor, and various rest zones scattered to the walls. It is not over done and has a great warehouse party feel. It's got lights for laser spectacles and glowing fancy footwork. This kind of fun makes you feel like it's all right.

For your liquid entertainment, there is nothing special about the bar; in fact, it's standard, maybe with an odd few spirits differing to offer. Price is competitive to Kings Cross and no one should be surprised or upset. However, if you've got some dollars to spend and some stories to tell, or just the urge to jig out all your troubles, then this place is better than most. In fact, people are human and talk to you here. Thus, on the last words: I would take my friends here and insist on making more acquaintances. It is now, to me, 'Trendy' and 'Popular'.

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A Second Review of White Rabbit

Review by Angelica Tziotis

For those with enough curiosity to follow the white rabbit down the rabbit hole, I can assure you that you’ll end up in one of Sydney’s newest clubbing Wonderlands. Relatively new to the Kings Cross club scene, White Rabbit falls nothing short of quirky and fun - but if you’re expecting a glamorous night out, then this may not be the place for you.

Known for its underground feel, UV parties, and electro/house line-up, those who aren’t afraid to get down and dirty will wake up satisfied from a good night out. (Though a little word of warning, and I speak from experience, UV paint does not come out of clothes!)

My first experience of White Rabbit happened to be in the dead of winter. Despite the cold and rain, the line wrapped itself around the perimeter of the Empire hotel, as eager party-goers awaited to start their night. Unlike most clubs in Sydney, the dress code was far from strict, as boys managed to get past bouncers in hats, sneakers, singlets… pretty much anything that will normally get one denied entry.

For early starters, get your name on a guestlist during the week, and you’ll find yourself with discounted entry at the door before 10pm ($10). After being stamped with your UV ink rabbit (which can only be seen with the aid of black light, so no ugly black smudges on your arm the morning), you climb up the flight of stairs, and emerge into a dark, long, room, filled with strobes, cages, strip poles, booths, and a bar.

Whilst the setting and decor isn’t anything spectacular, it’s the vibe that has earnt this club such a glowing reputation. You’ll find all walks of life on that dance floor, from hipsters, to ravers, and everything in between. Around the main stage, it is easy to be overcome by a state of euphoria, as the loud music, rhythmic strobes and lasers, and thriving crowd create a perfect atmospheric mixture.

Moving away from the main dance floor, there is the option of grabbing a booth for a drink and conversation (if you're lucky enough to get one before they fill up), or wandering into the side room were some of Sydney’s best up-and-coming DJs will blast away electro mash-ups – though do be aware, they may also blast away your ear-drums, as this room can get awfully loud!

As for the bar, don’t be expecting anything fabulous. Whilst on some nights they hand out wristbands to early comers, who are bestowed with the privilege of $5 drinks for the rest of the evening, for everyone else, expect standard Kings Cross drink prices.

My final words of advice – let your curiosity get the better of you, and take a trip down to one of White Rabbit's crazy events. It isn’t for the faint hearted, or for the well-groomed classy type, because this is definitely a place to let your hair out, and leave your inhibitions behind.

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