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Victoria Room

235 Victoria St, Darlinghurst, NSW
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Richly decorated in British-Raj style, this exotic dining room and award-winning cocktail bar exude bon-vivant chic. The Victoria Room offers a superlative menu, wine and cocktail list. In the restaurant patrons can dine on a fine selection of Mediterranean dishes, each moderately priced and designed to share. Dining has never been so relaxed. The perfect table will be found against a backdrop of decorative screens, paintings, lush palms and rich wallpapers.

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What To Expect @ The Victoria Room

Review by Sarah Han

I've been a fan of The Victoria Room for almost four years now. And with good reason. The atmosphere is loungy and chilled out, but it's also very chic in its decor. The Victoria Room has a witty pun in its name - it's obviously located on Victoria Street in Darlinghurst. But more interestingly, Victoria was also a historical figure, who was the Empress of India in 1878. So it makes sense that the room is inspired by British Raj decor.

When arriving at The Victoria Room, dimly-lit stairs lead you up to reception - where a pretty hostess points you towards the bar. The decor is eclectic and lush. With its mainly brown palette and heavy wooden furniture, this establishment gives off a sophisticated yet comfortable ambience. The bar area has low armchairs with mismatched cushions, accompanied by low wooden tables. It's a cosy atmosphere, especially with its contrasting textures - velvet, leather and floral fabrics. Palms are strategically placed around the room, as are ornate lamps. The Persian rugs and patterned wallpaper also stand out. The exotic feel of the furniture is really what sets it apart from other bars and restaurants.

Sectioned off by screens, the restaurant area features wooden chairs as opposed to armchairs. But the British Raj style is still noticeable. The restaurant serves Mediterranean dishes that are intended to be shared. The tapas style menu is wonderful and perfectly complemented by the drinks list.

Aside from the opulent interior, it's the cocktails that always get me coming back. From the exhaustive list, my favourite is the Sugar Daddy, which is a concoction of Russian Standard Original Vodka shaken with Peach Liqueur, fresh mint, sugar cane and lime juices. But the Coffee Cocktail is also at the top of my list: Remy Martin VSOP Cognac shaken with McWilliams Tawny, white sugar syrup, a whole egg and a touch of nutmeg, served in a martini glass. Admittedly, the cocktails (and even regular mixed drinks) are quite pricy. Cocktails are generally $19 or $20, but they are well worth it.

On a Saturday night, the bar is absolutely packed with a well-dressed crowd, sipping on various cocktails and downing bottles of wine. Unfortunately this means that you're not likely to find a seat on those plush armchairs. And instead you'll have to stand around the bustling bar. But around midnight the crowd thins out and the couches in the bar area slowly become available. It's probably a good idea to come early - if you want to lounge around on the couches - or even to stop by on a weeknight.

I, for one, make it a point to drop by regularly to try out new cocktails. And if you're ever after lavish cocktails in an exotic bar, this is the perfect place for you.

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