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Tunnel Nightclub

1 Earl Place, Potts Point, NSW
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Enter a space where the outside world can be forgotten and your free to 'be what you want to be' A sumptuous fit out matched with a fun yet sophisticated staff and music policy, Tunnel will be your new escape. With some of Sydney's and Australia's biggest dj talent coming through our doors we promise to take you away from the worries of the week. Not only DJs but an assortment of live acts and performances to tantalise you both aurally and visually. Never a dull moment at the Tunnel.

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Tunnel Nightclub Review

Review By Sandra Polak

My very first clubbing experience at The Tunnel was something to remember. The full moon was out and the atmosphere had set up the night that unleashed party animals on the loose.

The streets of Kings Cross were filled with drunken youths, scattered around looking for the next best place to party. I followed the crowd into Tunnel and noticed that the club was packed at maximum capacity, this was a good sign. The underground venue served its purpose as everyone around me was having a good time.

After a few drinks, I was relaxed enough to dance. The DJ played old school rnb grungy tunes, and everyone was literally getting down and dirty. I spotted one couple grinding on the dance floor and this turned a few heads as well as mine. It was getting hot in there, everyone was touching awkward places which began to get a bit weird but no one cared. I noticed a small crowd around the boundaries of the dance floor, I assume that these guys were on the prowl, observing everyone to find their next pick up.

I learned that the toilets were a spot where all the girls catch up to chat and take photos. I walked in and quickly found myself being the photographer, taking photos of girls and later being in the photos myself, mind you I have absolutely no idea who these people were. That was an interesting experience, but a great way to meet new people.

As the night progressed I was expecting the troubled reputation of Kings Cross to come into place, but The Tunnel didn't live up too it. I think everyone was having too much fun dancing to think about starting trouble which was a plus. I found that the crowd was very much a display of people looking their very best. Everyone was friendly and it is a venue that I would personally revisit for a fun night out.

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A Second Review of Tunnel Nightclub

Review By Lianna Speers

What an eventful night! While Queensland knows how to party hard, nothing could compare to the crazy nightlife of King Cross. While it’s known for its wild streets and out of control atmosphere, the party people know that it is mandatory to party hard and dress sexy.

As a first timer in Kings Cross, I had no idea what to expect, or which clubs where the best to enter. My best friend and I were speechless when we entered the unknown with people flooding the streets and running across the roads in front of taxis and cars. Once we absorbed the nightlife, it was time to choose a club. Originally our first choice was Bank Night Club, but due to our apparel we were denied access (guys make sure you are wearing a buttoned dress shirt).

After all the confusion, we made our way to Tunnel Nightclub, which is located in Potts Point. Access into this club will set you back $20 at the door and $10 if you’re on the guest list during 10-11pm. It’s definitely well worth your money now that it is under new management.

The music is fun and fresh with clever remixes to suit everyone’s taste. The nightclub is underground, which holds a mysterious and supportive vibe. There is one big room packed with people and there are little private lounges away from the dance floor and a big bar that is located in the middle of the sitting area.

The décor is somewhat classy with a brick interior. Although an underground nightclub is a good idea, ventilation was poor making it near impossible to have fun (I am not one for sweating uncontrollably).

The crowd was full of youths and mid-30s men who were on the prowl. I do recall pushing many away from my best friend and myself. I am aware that it does happen in every club, but it does ruin a girl’s night out.

Drinks are relatively cheap depending on what your budget is and how much money you brought with you. I don’t particularly need to drink to enjoy myself, therefore it was a very cheap night.

If you feel like you need a change of scenery, feel free to leave the club and venture to another one. You are stamped when you walk in allowing you to re-enter the club at your own leisure, although make sure you’re back before 4:00am; every club has a lockout time.

If you like the sound of the club so far, you will love it even more! You can celebrate your birthday here and get treated like a real VIP and don’t forget to grab yourself a bottle of Grey Goose to get your night going. Your birthday package is phenomenal with the complimentary list leaving you begging for more!

Come down to Kings Cross and make a crazy night out with all your friends. If I learnt anything while at the Cross its - make sure you go with a group of friends!

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