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Kings Cross and Potts Point, Sydney

The Courtyard Bar

33 Bayswater Rd, Potts Point, NSW
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A new outdoor cocktail and wine oasis on Bayswater Road where you will be surrounded by tall palm trees and lush ferns. The Courtyard offers premium cocktails, wine and a scrumptious grazing menu.

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The Courtyard Bar Review

Review by Gemma McDonald

Kings Cross is not a place that has ever held connotations of class, sophistication or style. So when I entered The Courtyard Bar and found that it epitomised all of these terms, you can imagine my surprise.

Freshly refurbished and only seven weeks old, The Courtyard Bar is the new, super-attractive - yet relatively innocuous - kid on the block, who is considerably better dressed and far less slutty than its neighboring companions.

Overlooking Bayswater Road, the vintage style courtyard is enclosed by white picket fences, scattered with fairy lights, plants, candles and mismatching garden sets. Inside you’ll find a mix of 17th century-style suede lounges, contemporary furniture, stonewalls and chalkboards. What impresses me most is how seamlessly the bar blends this awkward mix of decor, creating a stunning atmosphere, with not an object out of place.

Music is at no point overbearing, with a live DJ playing R&B mixes throughout the night, loud enough to drown out the sounds of the city, yet subtle enough to allow for conversation. However, if you should get tired of the garden’s placid, laidback vibe, you’ll find whatever else you’re looking for in the back room. Three bars, a dance floor and pole to match. After 10pm, this place goes off.

The refined nature of this bar combined with its location, parallel to Candy’s Nightclub, means that it attracts a bizarre mix of people. Early on in the night, the Courtyard’s main bar tends to fill itself with a chilled crowd of young, attractive suit-wearing men and similarly attractive wine-sipping women.

From 9:30 onwards, a more inadequately clothed crowd begins to seep through the doors and into the back room for various functions, partying and the occasional spot of pole dancing. Attracting an endless variety of women and men, this venue is the ultimate pick up spot, regardless of what you’re looking for.

The Courtyard is an excellent venue for quiet drinks, pre-drinks, post-drinks - or any other type of drinking you have in mind, offering a modest assortment of wine, an endless range of spirits and eight innovative cocktails. A bottle of wine heads north from $40, while cocktails go at $18 a pop, so unless you are one of the attractive, deep-pocketed businessmen, a few cocktails is likely to hurt your wallet. However, the high quality of these drinks is sure to overshadow their price. I recommend giving the El Marichi and Gin Martini cocktails a go, they were my favourites.

Most bars of this stature have a tendency to leave the financially challenged wallowing in a pang disappointment, following the realisation that there wallet will be lucky to get them tipsy. Thankfully, the Courtyard does not discriminate, offering affordable snackage and a range of deals throughout the week, from ‘Take Me Back’ Wednesdays, with food and beverage specials from a different country each week, to $5 Fridays.

In terms of food, the main bar’s menu is currently simple, cheap and adequate for a light meal. A new menu is set to come out in May, which will offer Asian-style cuisine to compliment their range of wines.

The Courtyard Bar is a unique venue that manages to maintain a strange, yet brilliant, balance between being a boutique bar and a party hotspot. After speaking to a number of partygoers, even some who had experienced minor slipups, I found there to be an overall sense of infatuation with the place. And rightly so. This is a venue that will only get better with age, and I will definitely be back to see it.

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