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The Club

33 Bayswater Rd, Potts Point, NSW
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The Club is situated on 33 Bayswater Road Kings Cross, surpassing the current Dancers. Previously owner of Sshh, the hot spot for the creme de la creme of Sydney's social scene and first secret club, Julian is taking the cool kids with him. Furnishings, by Ian Nessick of fashion boutique Restricted Premises, The Club is set to be the place to see and be seen. Watch this space!

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The Club Review

Review By Julia Roscoe

Looking to escape the typical house music scene, but still want to be amongst the hip and happening? Look no further than The Club, the hangout fast becoming the hot spot to see and be seen in The Cross. Descending on the smoker's club as you enter, it's easy to see why; beautiful people are everywhere you turn, and you might even see a few local celebs. Continue inside and you suddenly feel like you've just walked into an old school house party, where old favourites like Ja Rule and Mariah Carey are played on high rotation.

Decked out with plush sofas and mismatched shabby chic interiors, The Club is a single man's playground; beautiful girls are dancing the night away either on the large open dance floor or up on the elevated podium equipped with poles for the truly daring. Pulling in a massive crowd each and every weekend, there is no particular patron here. As long as you have a couple of gal pals with you, and as long as the bouncers aren't feeling particularly picky, everybody is for the most part welcome. But with such a mix of revellers, be prepared for a slightly pretentious atmosphere. It can start to feel a little claustrophobic inside and escaping outside isn't much better; it's shoulder to shoulder, which is almost a shame because with the cute little table and chairs it could have that great little garden party feel.

Service behind the bar is quick and efficient, but prices are steeper than your average club, though to that end the "house" spirits are higher end than your average too. Can't decide what you feel like drinking? Let one of the (very cute) bartenders whip you up something wild. Just be sure the bartender knows you aren't buying for the pretty girl standing next to you (unless of course you are) because be warned they will try to get away with it!

It's a great place to host a party, with a private booth tucked in behind the DJ. In here there's space to dance with your loved ones, and there's couches and a table too. You can look out and see what's going on beyond your private party or you can close the swanky curtains and hide away.

If you're looking for a club that offers something different, you'll find it in The Club. Whether or not it's your scene, it should certainly be on your list of places to visit in Sydney at least once.

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A Second Review of The Club

Review By Kelly Teng

Before I say anything else about The Club, I have to say this: yes, it is called The Club and yes, drunk people do ask "which club?" when you say "let's go to The Club". Aside from that though, this place offers a decent night out if you happen to be in the area, or if you've got nowhere else to go on a Friday or Saturday night.

The Club is located right under Hugo's Bar and Lounge in Kings Cross, and has that classic underground feel from the moment that you step past the bouncers. The stairs descend down into an outdoor area where there is always some form of entertainment going on: the night that we went, there were artists that were drawing which created a unique experience. As you enter The Club there is a taste of shabby chic that is consistent throughout the whole venue: the seats all are old school lounges, and the lights cast a dim reddish glow on everything there. It's only one level, which means that there's not a lot of room and everyone has to squish in next to each other (which is perfect if you're trying to get close to someone else!). There's a back room for intimate gatherings or events with its own DJ booth, and the bar sits centrally which means that you have quick access to drinks at any time of the night. However, my favourite part of The Club is the dance floor: the standard area is large enough as it is, but if you feel like getting a little down and freaky there is an elevated platform where poles are there to add some flavour to your dancing.

Where the dance floor wins though, the rest of The Club was a bit of a disappointment to me. The crowd of people there has turned from classy and elegant to a little more trashy: guys in massive hats and sleazy attitudes parade throughout the place while the girls here are not half as beautiful as some of those that you can find on the George St bars and clubs. The crowd dances a little bit, but more than anything else I found that people just kept walking around and bumping into other people. As for the music, The Club goes off of the fact that there is "no house music" but instead old school Ja Rule and Jennifer Lopez play...and I even heard a little bit of Miley Cyrus. While I appreciate music that isn't house, I don't always like to dance to "Party in the USA" or songs from the 90s: sure, it's nice to hear them a few times but every now and then it would be good to hear some T-Pain or Black Eyed Peas.

Drinks were also a reason that I didn't enjoy myself as much as I should have when I went to The Club. Normally when I am out, I expect some schooners on tap and if not, I expect a few affordable drinks...especially at a nightclub where the main reason people go is to lose their inhibitions. The spirits were actually more expensive than the beers ($9 for a vodka and lemonade and $10 for a beer) and the bartenders seemed fairly cold towards a lot of the patrons. While the drinks taste fine, I didn't think the alcohol and the service were worth it. The bathrooms - located right near the bar - also required a bit of a wait and there weren't many stalls so when it gets packed it becomes quite a long wait.

Overall, The Club can be fun but it really isn't the place I'd pick first to go. Like I said, if you're in the area or you have no other events, then it can be a great option. Otherwise, head somewhere else for the night and save The Club for another rainy-Kings-Cross day.

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A Third Review of The Club

Review By Michael Vatalidis

Over the last year, The Club has always become notorious for supposedly being imbedded with the disturbing smell of feet. Before I continue I must say that I have been there on multiple occasions and there is no such disturbing smell. The only awful smells you might find in this place are most likely in the toilet bowl.

So despite this newly found reputation, and the so-called lingering smell, The Club has become one of the hottest clubs to visit in Kings Cross, potentially offering an eventful night to remember depending on what you make of it.

Now, along with every new hotspot is the baggage of a long line. However, many should be thankful it’s not nearly as long as city clubs like Ivy or Bar100, and if you are in search for a classic underground vibe, it is definitely worth the wait.

Upon proceeding down the stairs, you are exposed to the uniquely underground and remote vibe The Club offers. The interior design is quite dashing and stylish, a design unlike any other club in Sydney.

In The Club, you are cast in a place feeling like you are in a classic villa that gives something truly special only some clubs in Sydney pull off, but with The Club being rather small, it’s the superior interior décor that influences this energy.

Seats resemble those of old designer lounges where the crimson vividness of the lights spread across the venue. Although the area is small, a large dance floor and dancing poles gives you the flexibility for a night, which you can make your own.

The little room and compacted environment can be quite enjoyable for the men; however, for the ladies, The Club’s outdoor area provides an easy escape. The outdoor area allows you to enjoy a few drinks, talk peacefully with friends and can become a destination of desire for its relaxed atmosphere.

Now if you are one of “the Old School Class”, the music at The Club will allow you to revisit some classics. The music is a completely a mixture of new and old hip-hop, so if your going to The Club remember there is no house music. You might also find a few unexpected songs and quite a few repeats throughout the night, so when they play 'The Motto' six times, you might get a bit bored of people screaming out Y.O.L.O.

The reason why The Club is so popular is for its dance floor. Women like it for its large space and music. Men like it especially for the sight of ladies dancing on the stripper poles, which provide entertainment for hours.

Something truly noticeable about The Club is its uniquely blended atmosphere. You will probably be surprised to discover people with big hats and large jackets, and a mixture of men in shirts, ties and pants. The integrated atmosphere is also consistent with the women at The Club. Women wearing jeans and heels are comfortably accepted into a crowd of women with their classy dresses and heels.

Where The Club has extended those memorable, or not so memorable, nights through its unique design and atmosphere has let them down in its service and price of drinks.

If you’re a first timer and haven’t been to The Club previously, you should definitely make it a plan to visit The Club on a Saturday night with a little bit of preparation in mind, get there a bit early and you are destined to have a memorable night.

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