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The Backroom

2A Roslyn St, Sydney, NSW
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Sealed behind a misleading facade lies a basement bar like no other. Transplanted facades and sets creating niche spaces and intimate experiences. Working with iconic perspectives and references from the past, the back room Sydney is a venue designed for only those, aware of its existence.

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What to Expect @ The Backroom Sydney

By Emily Harding

Looking to find an intimate, amazingly decorated and somewhat VIP feeling club in the heart of King's Cross? Look no further than The Backroom.

Home to the old Ladylux, The Backroom is another new club to add to the King's Cross scene. A somewhat smaller club that most of the others found in the Cross, The Backroom boasts slightly cheaper drinks, a personal atmosphere and the likely hood of seeing a minor Sydney celebrity is quite high, not to mention their own "Coconut water".

The Backroom is decked out with an interior quite similar to The Club, with old antique furnishings and plush old chesterfield sofas. A small yet intimate dance floor with disco balls hanging from the ceiling juxtaposed with the "aged" furniture ads a groovy contrast to the rest of the clubs found in the area. This club gives off a very exclusive vibe when entering, almost as if you are waking into a top-secret venue.

While the venue being quite small, if you want to dance with hundreds of other people, then it's just simply not the right place. If you wish to drink and hit up the dance floor with friends without being sandwiched by four other people then this is the right place. Because of the size of the venue, it's perfect for private parties and functions and it's already hosted many. It seemed to be quite the "it" venue for fashion week after parties earlier this year.

Drink prices are always going to be higher in the Cross than in your local pub, however the prices at The Backroom are cheaper than other clubs in the area such as The Club and Hugo's. Something that makes it extra special is the owners of this club make their own "coconut water": it's simply a mixer that is home made that is then mixed with Malibu and cocktails... and to say the very least, it's amazing. You will walk away wanting to buy the mixer to take home. So be sure to have a drink with it in while you are there.

With the club having some level of exclusiveness you are going to be rubbing shoulders with mini Sydney celebrities, such as models from Australia's Next Top Model, people from cast of Home and Away, and from other Australian programs. Make sure you check out the bar staff as well. They all tend to be on the rather good-looking side as well. Everyone that goes there is dressed up so make sure you whip out the high heels for this club.

Clubs like this don't come free so make sure you are aware that there is an entry fee, but you are paying for a club that is just a little bit cooler than everywhere else and with a mixed variety of sitting, standing, drinking, dancing it's well worth it.

While classy nights in the Cross come very rarely you can always rely on The Backroom to put on a good show. If it's for a classy intimate Saturday night, a private party or function or an after party for fashion week The Backroom has it all.

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