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Kings Cross and Potts Point, Sydney

El Rocco Jazz Cellar

154 Brougham St, Potts Point, NSW
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Australia's oldest jazz cellar. Its history includes Frank Sinatra, Sarah Vaughan and a host of other local and international legends. Come see the jazz, cabaret, singer-songwriters, open mic nights and other performances from established and emerging musicians and performers. El Rocco's bar offers a range of beers and wines including $5 house beers and $6 house wines. Meals are available during open hours including pasta, soup and mezze plates. Food can also be ordered from Swasdee Thai next door. Truth and freedom are always on the menu. For more information about what's on please check the website.

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El Rocco Jazz Cellar Review

Review By Emily Jacobs

The El Rocco is so tucked away that I got lost despite having been given explicit instructions on how to get there. It's in a little alleyway behind the hustle bustle of the Cross' main strip and this plays a huge part in its charm.

As the oldest jazz cellar in Sydney, El Rocco knows how to do sophisticated. The main bar is relaxed and shabby, with vintage couches and tables. The lights are almost non-existent, adding to the mystery. However, the piece de resistance is the downstairs El Rocco room. Sinatra has sung here, so you know the entertainment is going to be excellent. I am there for a colleague's cabaret show but there is a range of entertainment throughout the week.

It's ridiculously intimate, with tables so close that you can see every expression on the performer's face. The dim lights add to the mood - not being able to see your drink helps you focus on the entertainment. "Fear Nothing" and "Truth is Freedom" are emblazoned above the door as you leave, making you feel even more bohemian than when you walked in. It's a beautiful space that definitely takes you away from the big lights of the Cross and back to the era of jazz music. If comedic value is what you're after, Happy Endings Comedy Club also hosts events here every Saturday night.

On this particular night, the age range is mid 20's to 50's, and I can imagine it would be similar every other night. You don't normally see teenyboppers chilling out at a jazz club. Drinks are normally prices are around $7 for spirits, $5 for house beers and $6 for house wines. The house wine is better than average, but thankfully for the fellow cheap drinkers out there, the price doesn't reflect this. They also cater to your stomach's needs with meals on offer from the nearby Swasdee Thai.

Overall, it's a fantastic venue for a relaxed night out, listening to some local and upcoming artists. The drinks are great, and the music is great. If being cool is your thing, El Rocco is your place.

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