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Coco Cubano Kings Cross

97 Darlinghurst Rd, Kings Cross, NSW
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Even revolutionaries get thirsty from time to time, and when they do they head straight to Coco Cubano for a bit of refreshment - Cuban style! Created by one of Australia's top bartenders, our cocktail list is a mouthwatering read with classic Cuban cocktails including eight speciality signature Mojitos. There's boutique beers, Latin wines and rum, rum, rum - making Coco Cubano the perfect spot for the full Cuban bar experience.

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Coco Cubano Review

Review By Sarah Griffith

I went to the Kings Cross chain of Coco Cubano, and came out feeling more worldly than I was before I walked in. Maybe it was the music, the urge to dance, the freedom, or the cocktails. Who knows what it was, but my taste for travel was heightened. Cocoa Cubano brims with Cuban revolutionary authenticity, from the names of the drinks right down to the mismatched leather couches, political party portraits, and bullet hole strewn walls. Have you ever seen the opening scenes of 'Mr and Mrs Smith'? Let's just say the 'Dangerous and sexy vs. Safe and romantic' feel of this place puts Brad and Ange to shame.

I went with my brother to Coco Cubano one dreary afternoon. A catch up stroll was interrupted by a distinctive Cuban beat, which seemed to be a nice illusion from the grey streets and sky whose horizons were blurred together in a mist of drizzle and smog. Coco Cubano brings some of Cuba's most celebrated characteristics to Australian shores: espresso coffee, the richest chocolate and most decadent cocktails. One may argue that the place was not created to applaud revolution, but to revolutionise the taste buds.

At $13.90 for speciality cocktails containing Cuban chocolate and coffee, it's pretty effortless to get tipsy quickly. However I doubt the people of Cuba pay nine dollars for one bottle of beer. Even if it was imported, I could buy six of them in a bottle-o for the same price as two here. Still we powered on as inspired revolutionaries do.

While it was all very authentic, I still think that a successful establishment needs a comfortable layout. As it got busier, the different sizes, styles and shapes of chairs and tables got confusing, and became a frenzy of re-arranging. This definitely overpowered the rough quirky feel that the interior designers were obviously aiming for, and became more annoying when trying to find the bathrooms, which were finally found in a dark corner behind a pile of unused and broken chairs. Was this the look they were going for? Was it a metaphor or artistic representation of Cuba's hygiene facilities? Or were they actually just renovating the place? I guess the best way to describe Coco Cubano would be that it's the perfect euphemism. "No that table isn't's authentic." "The lounge fabric isn't's rugged."

But decor aside, I still had a great time in a place that was made for great times. As Che Guevara once said "The true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love." So if you have a love for chocolate, coffee or cocktails, join the revolution.

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