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Kings Cross and Potts Point, Sydney

Club 77

77 William St, Kings Cross, NSW
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Club 77 is a grungy underground venue offers a huge dance area and professional DJ designed to stop you from leaving the dance floor. The comfortable seating area allows you to catch your breath and chat to the person next to you while your mate fetches the next round of drinks at the bar. This venue is famous for its hard electro tunes, energetic atmosphere and grungy set up.

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Club 77 Review

Review By Sandra Polak

Club 77's Grave Rave night attracted all kinds of crazy costumes. Club crawlers dressed as the walking dead and others just tried to look as freaky as they could. As I approached the club all that could be seen was an endless line that dragged half way down the street. As I waited patiently the line shortened, but it wasn't until I had a sudden need to use the bathroom that I started to become restless.

When I got to the front of the line, the need to go to the bathroom intensified more and more. As I walked down the stairs towards the pay area the damsel in dress (i.e. me) quickly paid and started pushing through small groups of people to get to my destination. The club was more packed than ever, people were everywhere and this made the trip harder and harder. It was dog eat dog in those toilets, if any one even thought about cheating the line you were bound to get your head ripped off. So, I waited patiently once again.

After the long and dreary toilet mission, it was time to get a drink and start dancing. The decorations were out of control and really suited the Grave Rave theme. Once I got my drink it was time to hit the dance floor. The music was definitely the reason why so many people go there religiously. Hard electro beats shook the floor which people danced too side-by-side in the same bodily motion. This type of dancing just consisted of literally bouncing half your body up and down to the beat. It was easy to get the hang of and fun to do.

After dancing for a good three hours straight I was buggered. The night ran smoothly, and I noticed that everyone kept to themselves so you want to go there with a big group of people. My only advice is get there as early as you can otherwise you will be waiting a while in a huge line, which can be annoying if you really need to go to the toilet.

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A 2nd Review of Club 77

Review by Nikita Vongries

Club 77 has launched the new kids on the block ‘FAZE’. This is a once a month heavy duty party, calling all the crazy critters of the night to come out and play on a Friday. The stamp exclaims “You can’t FAZE us”, the excitement of my attitude like stamp upon my wrist had just revealed a speck of the free spirited, bad ass, crazy night ahead of me.

As you venture down some dim stairs (never drunk friendly), there is your affordable 10 to 15 dollar fee (guest list/ no guest list) then BAM! Centre attraction, facing nothing but a wild dance floor, the oh so friendly DJs ahead and also that of comfy, sultry like, intimate seating areas provided to cool down, wait for your drink and get to know the folks around you. Red Leather seats, you can’t go wrong.

It is a Bat cave. A wild underground dungeon-like feel is emphasised throughout its unique decorations, grungy old medieval tiled floors, an amazing Gremlin wall of artwork, and also the extremely fun Dracula pinball machine next to the dance floor. Not to forget my favourite of the night that only the brave were infatuated with or the drunk you could say! The massive human cage in the corner near the DJ’s den was for the drunk, the photogenic and entertainment of others.

The crowd were in a musical trance and it was rattling through your bones, you had no choice but to jump around and dance or sing with the happy random next to you that you’ll never see again. It was a new musical dimension mixing up the best of Hip Hop, Techno, Electro, Trap and many more beats that were just wicked intense combinations as the night furthered.

It is not just a mainstream teenybopper crowd, which is fun and more of a relief to many, but contained the mixture of many of the mid twenty to thirty party goers also. They didn’t act their age nor even look it, they reminded me of Tom Hanks in the movie Big, the inner child was RELEASED! Partying like it was their first time again. The atmosphere is mildly contagious, I’d let loose and dance and before I knew it my drink was all gone AGAIN and for $7 after 11pm, they won my heart and my pocket.

In this wonderland of wicked tunes and party peoples, there is no judgement of what you wear, there is no code and no rules. Wear what you desire! Baggy Tees, fitting dresses, a suit, whatever floats your boat. But a pre warning in advance, it’s going to be hot! And you will take off your clothes, or just stand under the air cons glorious glaze.

Club 77’s FAZE is the new place to be on your night out, the large crowds already are exceeding its good reputation. Check it out and embrace a wild, crazy, safe night guaranteed of sick beats and a reason to let loose!

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