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Kings Cross and Potts Point, Sydney

Bar 100

100 George St, Sydney, NSW
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Historic stained-glass windows, a 150-year-old streetscape, First Fleet seaman and the world's first strike for an eight-hour day all have ties to one of the most distinguished heritage buildings in The Rocks - the former Mariners' Church at 100 George Street. Now in its present day, 100 George Street has come alive once again. Home to four chic bars, indoor and outdoor dining, lounge spaces, as well an exquisite VIP area, the beautiful options of BAR100 need to experienced to be believed. Spanning three levels of stunningly re-worked heritage space, BAR100 is an inspiring fusion of old and new and magnificent day or night.

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Review of Bar 100

Review by Michael Vatalidis

It doesn’t have to be said that no one likes lining up for a club. So when you’re doing it for an hour and forty-five minutes, it gets boring, tiring, and makes you sober up before all the fun even starts. Girls, expect your legs to hurt, and guys, expect them to complain about it. If you're going to Bar100 on a Friday or Saturday night, make sure it is the highlight of your night.

Bar100 has recently become one of Sydney’s most renowned bars in the city, so there is clearly a good reason for this long line week in and week out.

Whether you’re in search of a chilled out night or an upbeat and crazy night, this unique bar positioned in Sydney’s most historical area offers something different than the average night in the city.

An inviting free entry, all levels playing the latest and hottest tracks, a chilled outdoor area, Bar100 can provide you with whatever night you’re searching for.

The historical building is nothing chic, but more of the simplistic type. High ceilings, wooden floors, white walls and high chairs cast the venue into its own distinct historical atmosphere.

The outdoor area on the bottom floor provides an easy escape from the hip-hop, pop and RnB music playing inside. The large and spacious floor, cushioned seats and the bar allow visitors to enjoy a drink and talk comfortably with friends.

When I first heard of Bar100 and the hype surrounding the venue and its younger crowd, I definitely did not expect to run into my aunt there, saying that Bar100 does typically serve the younger crowd, but all are welcome as long as they dress for the occasion.

If you are a regular at clubs like the Ivy or Establishment and like to make yourself look good, then you will love Bar100. Bar100 possesses many remnants of the Ivy. There is definitely the classy feel and the contrasting atmosphere of an upbeat rooms as well as chilled outdoor areas. But if you don’t and you cant be bothered getting dressed up, Bar100 is not the place to go. You will find yourself getting rejected after a very long wait, which will end up ruining your night.

Drinks at Bar100 are definitely nothing special and are similar in quality and price in comparison to other venues in the area like The Argyle. Spirits like vodka and lime are priced around $10 and cocktails depending on what you desire are priced around $17 to $20.

Overall, Bar100 has obviously made a big name for itself since its recent establishment, attracting big crowds and masses. Although there are many unique features, which can create a fantastic night and offer an enjoyable vibe, it's most likely your energy will be crushed after the long wait.My honest suggestion would be to visit Bar100 one night and plan for it well, go in early, dress for the occasion and let loose. But in terms of Saturday nights, there are far better places to go out in the city.

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