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Waterhorse Bar

125 Enmore Rd, Enmore NSW
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Something different in the city of Newtown, the Waterhorse is a destination for those of you sick of the same old same old. So if you are looking for something different, avoid King street and head down Enmore Road and experience everything the Waterhorse Bar has to offer.

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Waterhorse Review

Review by Patrick Webb

I want to set the mood: Put this song on while you read this review: Don Harper - Thoughtful Popper.

So, you are out in Newtown, sick of all the other joints on the main road and are prepared for a sneaky 5-minute walk down Enmore Road. You notice, adjacent from the Enmore Theatre, an ever-eloquent Waterhorse Lounge Bar. It’s got that speak-easy-esk tang, and all the foundations to a good time, if you know what I mean? You get adventurous and shake your wallet/purse in rhythmic procedure, to clue the finance department. Waterhorse of course.

You go in and you’re greeted with an assortment of custom made seating and ring baring gargoyles, exposed brick with dripping aesthetics, a bunch of pink Flamingos and a saloon bar door that goes nowhere. What the hell? Now, giving you a chance to come to grips that you’re not tripping, you’ve stumbled into a bar. You’re where you want to be.

Enmore is no Shoreditch (London), but it’s coming close. There is a big lacking of culture and hangouts in this area and it’s a little surprising. Where is the mixture of all groups, without grudge, and a 500ml tinnie in hand? Here, a little-long bar that is run by a New Zealand designer and a South African creative – quite fitting for this area, I might add. It’s just that flare that this culture troubled area lacks and needs.

With a little liquid meditation, throw back a Waterhorse Iced Tea to gain confidence. Or, for the ladies, the Bees Butt will please your chocolate and peach loving ass! Waterhorse has a decent, but small selection of spirits ~ incognito with the cocktails. A good selection of wines and beers, too – you’re not obligated to knock back a knicker-licker, you conscientious machos.

The Waterhorse has a fantastic concept behind it: Posh-Grime with a squeeze of lime? Yes please! Grant, the co-owner, likes to throw in his background as a graphic designer in to the atmosphere. Already, with it’s ‘Posh-Grime,’ it’s for the dapper folk and the well-dressed punks to go and chill.

Throw in a few romantics and heavy drinkers and you’ve got a perfect summer/winter cocktail. You can sweat out a heavy week of work or you can just go in for a relaxing hit. The long bar can be a little daunting for those weak hearted, but a comfort for those who like to earn their stagger and treat themselves to an Old Fashioned.

If you’re business gimps or a group of sexy ladies and want to get cultured, then here is a great little location for where you can reserve a table. To think of it, unless you hit up the bogan haunts, you’re not going to find any place in this area that can cater for large groups in one sitting. Also, chow down on some great little tapas-style assortments, too!

Waiting for the summer days, this place is going to be rammed. With ideas of great house DJ acts and other music Mojos, I can see it being a great Friday kick-off, Saturday wetness and a Sunday Session hideout.

Only being around for one year, this bar sees many regular smiling faces. And, you know what – I felt like I was back in London. Go in and ask for an RGB or a CMYK and they’ll get friendly. Waterhorse is one the best in Enmore.

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