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Vanilla Room

153 Norton St, Leichhardt, NSW
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From the street, looking in, Vanilla Room is the scene of laid back comfort and a modern relaxed atmosphere. From mood lighting, deluxe furnishings and funky tunes to the good-looking staff and patrons, this place is every bit Euro cool. Relax in the chocolate coloured seating and order from the menu while contemplating a glass of wine or a cocktail. A must to visit and mingle in this relaxing atmosphere and enjoy the DJ on Friday and Saturday nights.

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Review by Kassia Byrnes

At the quieter end of Norton Street I've often noticed a little hub of activity. Finally I had the chance to experience what the fuss was all about. I met my date out and he led the way to small but happening Vanilla Room.

I'm not one to gush, but this is hands down the best place I've been in a long time. Like I said the place is small and narrow, but it manages not to feel cramped. At least it didn't at the fairly early hour we arrived there, although as the time passed the crowd did grow and the room to move shrunk. There is something for everyone here and the early to late 20s age range reflects that.

As you walk in, someone behind the bar greets you immediately with a giant smile. The place is dimly lit and accompanied by what I can only describe as relaxed background techno music. All this creates an intimate and romantic setting. The bar stretches halfway along the ground floor room. Behind it you can choose to sit in the low comfy lounges or high tables.The floor level is the cocktail and tapas bar, serving a range of delicious tapas for about $9. The long list of cocktails is hands down the tastiest I've had for some time, and some of the most unique. If you make Happy Hour on Thursday, Friday and Sunday starting at 6pm, they're half price for only $7.50. Shots will cost you about the same.

A wooden staircase takes you upstairs to the restaurant half of Vanilla Room. Not much larger then downstairs, about 8 tables are set up inside and 2 more on a balcony. The kitchen is open so you can see what's happening and service is quick. You'll get a main meal from $20 to $30.Vanilla Room is the perfect place for a date, or meeting your friends for a delicious dinner and cheap drinks.

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