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The Leichhardt Hotel

95 Norton St, Leichhardt, NSW
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Sits like a Federico Fellini theatrical film set amidst bustling Norton Street. State of the art design offers a diverse and lively atmosphere for twilight through to an evening extravaganza. Plush art deco interiors, large alfresco piazza, a huge gallery level with balcony and friendly staff, all aim to be the perfect spot for you and your friends.

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What to Expect @ The Leichhardt Hotel

Review by Kassia Byrnes

It's not uncommon on a night out for Sydney-siders' to automatically head straight into the city without giving somewhere more local a fair go. I know this because I'm no different. I couldn't count the number of times I've hopped on a bus to bypass the bars and clubs just around the corner. Each time I took note of how great they looked and promised myself that next time I would try them out. This weekend I actually came through on that promise.

After a hard day I was feeling too lazy to wander too far from home so I found myself on Norton Street weighing up the possibilities. The street was alive and filled with so many more people than I expected. The strange mix of Leichhardt Hotel drew me in.

It's more of a very wide and deep 'hole in the wall' then an actual room, but it looked gorgeous. High stools and benches fill the Piazza at the front of the room with large paintings decorating the side wall. Elegant white stretched out before me. To the left was a staircase leading to the balcony. A function was in full swing so I unfortunately I wasn't able to explore up there myself, but from where I stood it looked great. The party members were certainly enjoying themselves.

Walking to the back past the two pool tables, the traditional Italian looking paintings had been replaced by modern mirrored walls with black leaf patterns. I couldn't help but be distracted by this new pattern covering the side wall.

Apart from the function upstairs, the place was fairly empty. A few people playing pool, a couple of groups and the bells and whistles of some pokie machines coming from behind the bar completed the patronage of this night. Rather than seeming un-lively, however, the smaller and older crowd actually just added to a relaxed and mature atmosphere. This really seemed like the perfect place to chill out and chat with friends. Despite this, it still took a while to even see a bartender.

Once we were served it was with a warm welcome and drink suggestions. If you get in before 8pm on a Thursday, Saturday or Sunday you can get a cocktail for only $8. If you miss out on this deal, like I did, you're looking at $14-15. Choice of beer is slim but at least it's cheap. After sampling the cocktails the best advice I can give you is to avoid them. For the quality you receive you defiantly wouldn't want to pay full price.

The appeal of Leichhardt Hotel definitely lies in a great atmosphere and cheap drinks to kick start your night.

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