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The Island Bar

Cockatoo Island, Sydney, NSW
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Nestled on the World Heritage, Cockatoo Island site lies The Island Bar. A brand new summer bar oasis minutes from the city. Join us and share this unique experience with waterfront views in the middle of Sydney Harbour. An island oasis just 5 minutes from the city, Island Bar, located on the Eastern side of Cockatoo Island is not your typical bar by any stretch of the imagination. Accessible only by ferry (departing from circular quay), the Island Bar is perfect for that special occasion. With fantastic cocktails and cocktail jugs, champagne, wine and local and imported beers on offer, whether your a tourist or a local, it is well worth a visit to this drinking oasis of the coast of Balmain. The only advice we have before heading their is to check ferry timetables and the Island Bar website for departure times and opening hours.

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The Island Bar Review

Review by Nathan Vumbaca

There is nothing better than spending a sunny Sunday afternoon with great company, great views and great cocktails!

The Island Bar is the perfect piece of paradise on the water to relax and enjoy the view with your mates. The bar keeps up with the history surrounding the island by utilizing a funky industrial look consisting of recycled shipping containers; with some faux grass and deck chairs it produces quite a contrast between the industrial and resort look. The bar itself is located right on the edge of the island facing the water and Sydney CBD.

The main bar is located on the ground floor with grass and deck chairs as well as a few tables scattered around but they also have a function room upstairs above the bar. It was closed off when we were there but one of the very helpful bar staff ensured me that it was “awesome” and would be perfect for any occasion.

We got there at about 1pm but the bar is open from 12 and they served a sausage and steak barbeque for lunch; however, they also have an entire Italian style lunch and dinner menu as well as delicious canapés and entrée’s that you can order from the bar at any time.

While the crowed is not big on a Sunday, the drinks are! The Island Bar is renowned fro its signature cocktails served in massive jugs or punch bowls. The favorite of the day for our group was the “Negroni.” A Gin and Cinzano Rosso cocktail with an orange twist. Yum!

The crowed of the Island Bar came in many shapes and forms. The dress code is quite relaxed and but the mood of the bar calls for semi casual outfit, jeans/shorts and t-shirt for the guys and a sundress for the girls. The music was a mix of smooth jazz with a live saxophone player and some relaxed but vibrant tropical music with a live bongo player making it quite a festive and lively atmosphere.

By about 3pm the crowed started to swell and the place became a bit louder, with the music changing from a live performance to a DJ with more of a mainstream sound, playing a mix of slow RnB and hip-hop. While there is technically no dance floor downstairs, that didn’t stop us moving a couple of the chairs and busting out some moves.

The bar started to empty at around 7:30, with most people staying to watch the beautiful sunset over Sydney Harbor then rushing to catch the last ferry off. The ferries only run till certain times, so to play it safe you should always know when the next one will be arriving and departing from the Island. If you miss the last ferry don’t worry - you're not going to have to set up camp and wait, you can always call a ferry taxi but they tend to be on the expensive side.

All in all if looking for a nice relaxing way to spend your Sunday, day off or even your next function. Hop on a ferry and come check it out!

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