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Sticky Bar (Table for 20)

182 Campbell St, Surry Hills, NSW
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Providing a limited range of great wines, Italian beers but our specialty is the sticky. A little low key after hours goodness to wipe off the day. You'll find funky barmans upstairs running the place and mixing cocktails. Just tell them what sort of drink you feel like and they will do their thing. You don't need to eat at Tablefor20 to come, we're open from 6.30pm onwards so feel free to come straight up anytime or if you're eating downstairs, come up for a drink after dinner. The bar is above Tablefor 20 and the entrance to Sticky Bar is via Taggarts Lane, off Crown St, in Surry Hills.

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Sticky Bar Review

Review by Gemma McDonald

After a relatively concerning trek down a stingy, dark alleyway off Crown Street, we came to a shifty looking door painted with nothing but a seductive cartoon cat holding a cocktail; in other words, we had absolutely no idea if we were at Sticky Bar or not. Soon enough a polite young man in a bowtie materialised out of nowhere and lead us up three steep flights of stairs, which my crippled companion found to be a particularly draining experience.

On the way up we passed an elegant dining space known as Table for 20, where for $65 you and forty random diners can enjoy a communal 3-course Italian feast. The space was dim, lit by a single feature light that was interwoven with sticks, while people mingled over beautifully presented dishes that were served on huge platters around the two tables.

After dinner, the diners often make their way upstairs to a candle lit bar that becomes progressively packed as the night moves on. Here the décor is extremely confused with contemporary black leather lounges, the odd stool from a children’s play group, a dusty black chandelier, blackboards, a photomontage feature wall, and mismatching chairs and sofas that you might have sat your court jester on in the 17th century.

The young man we met at the door surprised us by finding us seat in the overflowing room. The staff- all of whom were men- were strangely similar to the décor, with some matching in a uniform of bowties and un-tucked white business shirts, while others seemed to wear whatever the hell they liked. They were extremely outgoing, entertaining and friendly but not particularly professional. At Sticky’s you get the vibe that as long as you’re having fun, anything goes.

Throughout the night the place was filled with loud alternative beats until 10pm when live musicians - the type of hipsters that wear hats inside at night - brought acoustic renditions of some long-forgotten 90’s rock. By this point the entire place had become a dance floor, offering little in the way of movement.

The crowd here is anywhere from 20-30, but with very few above. Single, well-dressed (non-arse cheek showing) women absolutely swarmed the place, along with businessmen, hipsters and the odd wine connoisseur.

Unfortunately, Sticky’s doesn’t cater for stingy uni students like myself. If you are one, or have a similar financial status, you too will get the severe pang of disappointment that occurs when you realise how much you want to stay but how much you can’t justify another $19 cocktail, or $240 bottle of wine.

The bar is renowned for its range of Italian beers at $7 each and its expensive wine that starts at $40 a bottle, but most of all its the cocktails that get everyone going. Throughout its six years of life, The Sticky Bar has invented more than 1000 cocktails, with four new concoctions on offer each week.

I was pleasantly surprised with what I had, but you are going in relatively blind since most of the cocktails are new creations, and this can be risky at $19 a pop. The good thing is that if you’re not feeling the options scrawled across the board, they’ll happily throw something together that’s not on the night’s menu.

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