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20 Norton St, Leichhardt, NSW
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Located in the famous little Italy of Norton St, this casual and simple cafe is open everyday for dinner and lunch Tuesday to Sunday. The menu includes a range of pizzas and pasta, steak and poultry mains. The restaurant is fully licensed and accepts BYO wine. Takeaway is available and wheelchair access can be accommodated through the back entrance on Randwick St.

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Review By Sarah Griffith

On Leichardt's Norton Street, you may or may not find a balcony bar/cafe that overlooks a much busier street. But as the saying goes, big things come in small packages... or, don't judge a book by its cover. In fact, you can apply pretty much every cliche, confidence boosting rant to this bar, but you'll be glad you took my word for it.

I first visited Jovanotti in 2010 when I was introduced to the Italian owner by a friend who still lives around the corner from the joint. We walked up the back ally and through the small wooden door, which looked scarily residential. I had to make my friend promise we wouldn't be charged for a break and enter offense! But beyond this door was a warm, suave and relaxed bar/ cafe setting lit by sexy dim lighting, an art strewn interior, a faint modern cafe trance soundtrack, and a pretty attractive wait staff to match! Italia in its most cool, calm and collected form. It wasn't until very recently that I found out the actual name of this bar. It had been labelled 'Midnights' by my mates for so long, that I didn't stop to question it. My friend had frequently sent people on wild goose chases around Leichardt screaming "where the hell is Midnights!?" down the phone receiver. But hopefully my humorous tale can give an appropriate indication of the bar's hours. Yep, while the customers are around, this bar will be open for them, and with a very faithful list of regulars, it means this place rarely shuts.

For a bar, Jovanotti has a pretty impressive food menu. But I guess the Italians like to keep with the tradition, you can't drink without making it a full affair. The kitchen is open at all hours to satisfy any post drink cravings, so make the most of the luxury seeing as the only other place open at all hours in Leichardt is 7/11. I have to recommend the Casablanca pizza and the pumpkin ravioli, at extremely reasonable prices; however the cocktails are to die for. Try the Silk Stocking ($12.50). Imagine the richest caramel milkshake that was ever able to make you tipsy, and you've got this cocktail. Jovanotti also makes Toblerones so thick they're hard to suck through a straw. ($15) If you're looking for something a tad cheaper, go for the champagne cocktails which are still pretty rich in liqueur, or browse the generous wine list (around $7 a glass). And as if you needed another excuse to compliment your drink - there's the homemade tiramisu.

So if you find yourself in Leichhardt, there's one cliche to remember over any other: the early bird catches the worm, so party past Midnight at Jovanotti.

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