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Dome (Crown Hotel)

589 Crown St, Surry Hills, NSW
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Eclectic, warm and decadent, DOME is the perfect place to unwind over a drink and enjoy a fabulous night out at one of Sydney’s most beautiful bars. Decked out with a glamorous glass bar, gold ceiling, eighteenth-century French chandeliers, one-off pieces and a grand Baroque mural, DOME is all at once elegant and contemporary, quirky and alluring.

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Dome (Crown Hotel) Review

Review By Kassia Byrnes

My friend was joining the Navy. Irrationally fearful he would never be able to drink again, he made us all enjoy one last alcohol filled night together. A new situation calls for a new bar, so we all headed to Dome at the end of Crown Street - the end that is far, far away from Oxford.

A dimly lit corridor and an upwards staircase gives away nothing until you reach the top. A doorway opens onto a large room, dappled with soft mood lighting, which gives an intimate feel to the place. Comfortable and very trendy red couches, some almost bed-like, and little floral stools are matched with low silver tables. They line the walls around the long bar in the middle of the room. Beautiful glass chandeliers hang from the roof.

All the furnishings and the bar combine to create a feeling of relaxed elegance and sophistication. Having said that, the crowd of mainly 30-something people are dressed from smart casual to over-the-top. A group at the back are even dressed like ninjas and geishas, yet the only thing out of place here is the top 40 dance music being played a little too loudly over the sound system.

Even the very friendly bar staff are dressed to match the modern style of Dome. They are eager to suggest a drink and service is fast. Drinks are on the expensive end, but they have the quality to match. Tap beer is about $7 while a cocktail will set you back $16, but it will be one of the best you've ever had. 'Summer Bella' is a must try.A lot of the groups here, ourselves included, had booked ahead to secure a space. It never gets over-crowded at Dome but it does get busy so this is probably the best idea. This is especially so for large groups, and large groups seem to have the most fun here.

This is the perfect place for your next function and some of the yummiest drinks you'll ever taste.

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