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Courthouse Hotel

202 Australia St, Newtown, NSW
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Bohemian, down to earth, grungy, funky and unpretentious: the Courthouse Hotel is a gem of a local in Newtown. The pub is filled to the brim with an eclectic cast of characters and fitted out with a raft of kooky objects d'art. On any given day, bikies, firemen, plumbers and artists will be enjoying a beer at the bar, under the admiring gaze of a cast of gnomes. The 19th century hotel has the prettiest and most spacious courtyard in Newtown, offering a tranquil getaway from the noise and business of King Street. Draped in frangipani trees, guests can enjoy a schooner or dine on the extensive bistro menu. The decor is best described as

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Courthouse Hotel Review

Review By Kelly Teng

In Newtown, finding a pub is like finding a spider in your house: they're everywhere. With so many options and only so many hours in a night, it can be really difficult to decide which place to go. While most people spend their Friday and Saturday nights at pubs down King St, venturing slightly off to the side will find you at one of Newtown's classic locations: The Courthouse Hotel.

The Courthouse Hotel is exactly what the name suggests: there's more outdoor space than indoor (or at least, that's what it feels like), with plenty of 'courthouse' to sit down and have a beer with your mates. Don't be fooled by the entrance: while it looks like a tacky pub (think The Lansdowne and Bar Broadway) the inside is actually not too bad. It's no Trademark or Ivy in the way that the decor is presented, but it does have a nice leafy feel to the outdoor areas and the indoors is classic Newtown grunge. The bathrooms are not too dirty but have a nice antique-y feel to them, while the area near the bar is dimly lit enough to create a homey atmosphere. While nothing in particular stands out about the way The Courthouse is presented, in terms of making the patrons feel comfortable this spot gets an A+. You'll feel right at home in the bustling atmosphere no matter what time of day it is, and on a sunny day expect to find everyone outside on the seats, talking and laughing.

Being Newtown, the mix of people who frequent here is eclectic: most weekday evenings will see flocks of people finishing work and grabbing a beer before heading home, while Friday night and Saturday nights has a good range of people. Don't come here if you're looking for groups of newly-18s or swankily dressed girls drinking before they hit the town, though: The Courthouse is more of a 'come here and stay here' type of pub where people can relax and unwind without worrying too much about blaring music or people throwing up in the bathrooms. This being the case, the people who you will find here will generally tend towards the older side: working professionals and youth.

The Courthouse Hotel offers standard pub food and drinks, making it an ideal place to have a casual drink and dinner with someone. The food tends towards the more expensive side - a bowl of chips cost me $7 - while drinks are great value at happy hour. Their beer range is endless, while the rest of the drinks are pretty standard; unfortunately, this isn't the place to be if you're looking for classy cocktails or a new blend of flavours to try. Music is also pretty standard: it acts more as a way to generate atmosphere rather than get people energetic. Expect to hear the classic Triple J stuff with a few blasts of mainstream: nothing that will get you dancing, but enough to keep a good buzz going throughout the place.

Any time you're looking for a pub in Newtown, check out The Courthouse for a relaxed but enjoyable night. Just don't get confused with the actual courthouse down the road, and you'll be sure to have a great time.

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