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Coopers Hotel

221 King St, Newtown, NSW
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To all of those who frequent the Coopers in Newtown, with only the hottest bartenders and the sexiest locals including a dwarf, a clown, a millionaire (moneybags), brad the stoner, richie, gay Bob, the many losers who drink a schooner of new (too many to list), various newtown freaks and a couple of D-grade celebrities (monique attracts them)... This is for anyone who appreciates the coolness that is The Coopers.

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Coopers Hotel Review

Review By Ben King

Situated in the heart of the enigmatic Inner West suburb of Newtown, the Coopers Hotel can hold its head up high as one of the more notable bars in the area. As a long time Newtown local, the Coopers has forever been one of the destinations of choice on one of the many bar crawls I've done over the last 5 years or so.

With the Cooper's Hotel (and any bar or club in Newtown for that matter), it is the people that attracts people to the Cooper's Hotel. For those not familiar with Newtown, it is a melting pot of people from all walks of life - a place where it is common to be sitting in a bar surrounded by a mixture of suits and thongs, dresses and bright purple tights and all kinds of crazy hair colours all out to have a good time.

Pretentiousness in Newtown is non-existent, as it is in the Cooper's Hotel.

Downstairs at the Cooper's Hotel is a standard Pub, with TAB and gaming facilities. Upstairs however you will find an amazing contemporary deck space as well as indoor bistro area. Juxtapose this with a vast array of people from all walks of life and you have yourself a quintessentially "Newtown" experience however in a venue that one would say is more classy then other notable bars in Newtown such as Kelly's or The Courthouse.

The food at the Coopers is a little more expensive than your typical Newtown fare, however the excellence of the venue with its open air ambience is such that one feels it is a justified premium to pay. With a mixture of Asian inspired and standard bistro food, the Coopers Hotel caters to all tastes. As such, the Coopers Hotel tends to attract people 25+.

What stands out for me about this venue is that it is one of the rare places whereby I would be happy to have a meal and also drink till 2 in the morning. Whereas many venues are able to do provide either a dining or drinking experience, the Coopers Hotel is able to do both, in an classy and contemporary venue minus the pretentiousness.

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