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Camelot Lounge

19 Marrickville Rd, Sydney, NSW
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A boutique venue that is a home in Sydney for home all manner of World, Jazz, Cabaret, singer/songwriters and other Acoustica. Part of the radical facelift and reinvention of the space is presenting 2 stages: the music stage (with a beautiful 30's German Grand Piano) and the sideshow stage (for smaller musical acts, as well as burlesque, magicians, contortionists, hullahoopers and other carnivalesque offerings!), and the dance-floor will ensure many a fun foot-stomping night!

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Camelot Lounge Review

Review By Cecilia Nguyen

When it comes to peculiar but ultra funky venues, Camelot Lounge isn't just synonymous with the word, 'quirky' - it takes over the whole meaning. How's that for a name of a small, seemingly urbane, boutique club that enjoys frequently tossing convention out the window by cross-dressing as an intimate and provocative entertainment centre for all things darker, moodier and alternative?

Located in unassuming, industrial Marrickville, Camelot's presence is heralded by a poster of a prominent camel with a double hump. The venue's surreal ambience, with heavy mood lighting and fashionably enigmatic decor, will cement for you that you've stepped into a heavily-themed, is-it-underground-or-is-it-not, perfectly legal establishment. A camel to greet you at the door then doesn't seem so out of place, after all; as is true to the case that, to live up to its reputation, if it isn't wholly eccentric, you wouldn't feel completely right about the place either.

Camelot proudly touts itself as being a split venture, drawing from a 'melon bending' spectrum of performances. It satisfies one half of itself in music along the tunes of Jazz, Acoustica and the Blues, often-times showcasing bands of Eastern-European Gypsy influence, reminiscent of the 1930s vintage era, complete with a spectacular, thirties German Grand piano on the music stage to encapsulate it all. The other half moonlights as a theatre stage, exhibiting side-shows in alignment of a carnivalesque resonance, ranging from legally risky to rather risqué, with acts plucked from the world of Burlesque, Cabaret, contortionists and hullahoopers, amongst others.

As the lovechild of lead singer Yaron Hallis (of the gypsy band, Monsieur Camembert) and his last love and private venture, Qirkz, Camelot invites you to take a look at its line up of acts booked up for nearly every day of the month, which includes Monsieur Camembert live shows and other notable bands and solo acts such as Mad for Mozart, Jeff Lang, Edwina Blush and the Rhythm Hunters.

As it's advised against stomaching Camelot on an empty paunch, the venue comes replete with a snazzy drink bar and a small kitchen on standby. The menu includes gourmet pizzas and snack nibblies while its Mezze Plate of Mediterranean treats asks to be sampled. You might find it hard to peel your eyes off the stage act, so finger food needing not much thought as to where they go would come in quite handy here.

Situated just two minutes from Sydenham station, you'd be pissed-laughing at the convenience. However, for some, Camelot may be a pain to access by car but conversely, once there, it may be considered opportune to be further away from the mindless congestion that's nearer the city.

Camelot is what you'd consider a proper supper club: fully licensed with meal, music, dance, side-shows and a well, thought-out lavish theme, rolled all into one. The tone of the entertainment get-ups is as topically piquant or as senselessly bawdy as you like; but, keep in mind, if isn't quirky, then it isn't Camelot.

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