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The Changeroom Review

Review by Kelly Teng

The Ivy is home to a unique clubbing experience, and The Changeroom is no exception. Located underneath The Pool Club, The Changeroom provides an intimate space to dance, hang out...and actually change (oh yes, it's called 'The Changeroom' for a reason...).

The Changeroom is actually supposed to be the place where the Ivy patrons go to change into their swimsuits before jumping into the pool upstairs on a hot summer's day. The area sports yellow and white walls lined with lockers, and a bathroom area with a circular sofa in the centre to allow for seating while waiting for the bathrooms. However, tucked away behind this lies the dance floor, where guests can go for a hard night's dancing after a day of lying in the sun. The dance floor isn't the biggest, but it provides enough room to move around while also making sure that you can be close enough to all the dancers for that full nightclub effect.

This area of The Ivy normally lays quiet early on in the night, and is mainly used for its ridiculous amount of bathrooms - which is, trust me, a godsend in any sort of venue with alcohol. But once the people start drinking and the rest of the Ivy begins filling up, The Changeroom is the place to be. The DJ mixes old school hip hop with current hits on Saturday nights, which gets the entire dance floor going...and because it's The Ivy, more often than not the people that you will be dancing around are pretty good looking.

As far as drinks are concerned, I much preferred to sip my cocktail in The Pool Club rather than carry it with me and stay in The Changeroom. While there is space to sit, there really is no guarantee (and I mean none at all) that your drink will end up being drunk. Chances are someone will bump you on their way to the bathroom or while they are dancing, and you will have plenty of your $19 drink spilt onto the floor. This part of The Ivy was definitely made for moving and energy, and you will get the most of your night from enjoying yourself as much as you can.

Another plus about The Changeroom was its ample (and comfortable) seating. Sometimes while you are dancing, all you want to do is sit down but there's no seats available and when there are, it's those wooden chairs that are extremely uncomfortable. Needless to say, I was incredibly surprised when the seats were plush and so comfortable that I almost didn't want to stand up again.

The next time you are rocking out a night at The Ivy, make sure to check out The Changeroom at 1am. It'll be an experience to remember, that's for sure.

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