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Me and my mate went here, and the bouncer asked us if we were staying at the hostel (as this place is a backpackers joint). We said no but we were hoping to tonight.... didn't let us in. So basically if you aren't a backpacker, get there early.

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Review By Kelly Teng

The first thing backpackers seem to do when they arrive in Sydney is to dump their stuff down at the hostel, then head for a night out at Scubar. Located right in the heart of Sydney, it's accessible, enjoyable, and affordable fun no matter what day of the week it is.

Scubar's catch line is 'Sydney's Premier Backpacker Bar', and you know what that means: it's slightly better than a cheap hostel, but below average compared to the rest of Sydney's 'premier bars'. The walls are cheaply decorated with flags and surf themed paintings and posters, and the bar looks like someone picked up a Hawaiian beachside bar and plonked it right in the heart of Sydney. But all of this aside, it is a great place if you're a backpacker and want some stereotypical Australian fun in the company of other backpackers (and a few actual Aussies!).

Because Scubar is mainly a backpacker bar, it's a great place to go no matter what night of the week. You can be sure that there will always be something going on, whether it be Monday's Crab Racing, Wednesday's Girls Night Out, or Jagermeister Fridays. The crowd is always filled with drunk, good looking people, which means that you can be as trashy as you like and probably still pick up someone who is at least a 7/10. Don't come to Scubar if you're actually looking for some deep meaningful life conversation (which you can sometimes have with strangers in pubs), because the chance is all you'll end up talking about is the Opera House, goon, and travelling in general.

The music here is standard and diverse at the same time. There are all the mainstream tracks that you will hear at any place, plus (in my experience) now and again you will hear foreign tracks blasted out by the DJs. Use it as an opportunity to diversify your music knowledge...after all, it is the foreigners that know how to party! On top of that, parties like 'Let's Get Wet' gives a whole new purpose to music: for girls to dance along while someone else chucks water on them.

Scubar is open every day from 3pm to 3am so you are guaranteed to always have somewhere to go if you are bored. Drinks are always affordable, with $10 jugs of beer or $5 drinks all night, but they won't be the best drinks you'll ever taste: the purpose of the alcohol here is just to get you drunk, not to satisfy your palette. Also, if you're going to have a heavy night of drinking Scubar offers cheap pizza deals so that your hangover the next morning might not be as bad.

Scubar is always great to meet fun people, and it adds a good experience to an otherwise dull Monday or Tuesday night. But if backpackers aren't your scene, then rock up elsewhere because the one place that they will all be at least once on their trip is Scubar.

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