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Scruffy Murphy's Hotel

43-49 Goulburn St, Sydney, NSW
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Has a warm, welcoming Irish feel with a touch of charm that is sought after all over the world while still keeping intact all the modern comforts and facilities required for your entertainment and enjoyment. There are four bars within the Hotel, the Main Bar, the Goose Garden Restaurant, The Vault nightclub and the Golden Dragon Lounge. Each bar is catered to meet all your needs and don't be surprised if the bartender pulling your pint has an Irish accent!

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Scruffy Murphy's Review

Review By Amarande Chauvet

Have you recently broken up with someone? When I mean recently I mean in the past week or so. Well if you fall into this sad or happy category then you are the perfect nightclub enthusiast for Scruffy Murphy's, or Scruffy Murphy's is the best bar/nightclub for you! With a crowd consisting mostly of violently physically 'wanting' backpackers, picking up has never been easier, but let's hope for your sake, nightclub enthusiast, that you don't 'pick up' too much...

Scruffy Murphy's is a typical pub with some definite Irish atmosphere. However, even if the potential for a good time is large, this all English/Irish pub really is a typical pub: drunken English man more red then ever, a musty smell of a mix of sweat, vomit and booze ascends from filter underneath the bar, the floor can be so sticky that you should watch your shoes... you could end up leaving on behind.

Nevertheless, Scruffy Murphy's is surprisingly pleasant and a lot of fun. The outside area on the street is nice and relaxing if you just want a nice beer and watch the world go by. Inside, the buzzing busyness of everyone makes this bar really existing and social. And entertainment does not stop just at watching our cousins the British getting drunker and drunker with each minute that goes by, but also with bands, music, an amazingly busy dance floor so you don't have to go through the ever so embarrassing stage of being the only one standing in the middle of an empty dance floor while trying to make a serious attempt at the twist.

When it comes to the drinks, well if you like Irish, Pubs and Beer, then you are set! Just imagine yourself in a fairly green looking room, drinking a Guinness and enjoying a meal for fewer than 10 dollars. While it does not sound like a fancy, stylish nightclub experience, it is definitely a great night with potential for some major social mingling.

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A 2nd Scruffy Murphy's Review

Review by Ben King

If there is one word that describes Scuffy Murphy's then that word would have to be... MESSY!!!!!!! Make no mistake of it, this place is not for the pretentious, classy or faint of heart. If you're at Scruffy Murphy's (or Scruffs) then you are there to either get drunk or pickup so leave your inhibitions at the door.

With live bands on the weekend, the early crowd at Scuffy's is generally backpackers looking for cheap drinks. In saying that, many people are also there for bands playing covers of the latest (and not so latest rock music). If you are heading here early however it is recommended you knock back as many cheap drinks as possible before moving onto another venue as the real Scruffy Murphy's only comes alive at about 2am.

So what is the real Scruffy Murphy's you ask? Well let's just say that if you get kicked out of anywhere in the city for being too drunk, then you will be met with open arms at Scruffy Murphy's... and Sydneysiders know it! It's at this time that downstairs comes alive, playing that latest hip hop and electronic music, which is ironic given upstairs is 100% live music. In any case, downstairs is where it is at for sure at this time, which is filled by horny under 30s looking to take someone or something home for the night. Couple that with cheap drinks and you have the making of something interesting happening.

If you are concerned however with something untoward happening, never fear as the bouncers here are the best in Sydney. As someone who hangs out with a few guys that get kicked out of places for being wasted on a regular basis, I can say without question that the bouncers here ensure trouble makers are removed immediately, however ensure that everyone is not "on edge" every time they down a drink.

Moral to the story, Scruffy Murphy's is not somewhere you set out to go to. It's where you end up when you are stumbling down the street with your friends at 2am in the morning trying to find a place to go. In saying that... it is well worth a visit!

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