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George Street, Sydney

Haymarket Hotel

661 George St, Haymarket, NSW
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The Haymarket Hotel, located in a former bank, with high ceilings and opulent marble features. Bringing back the elegance of lounge bars of yesteryear, the Haymarket Hotel is a refreshing surround of former opulence once only enjoyed by the privileged. With architectural features not seen in modern bars, it is a breathtakingly stunning space that you will be drawn into on a regular basis. The three designer spaces are perfect for your next work function, birthday or event.

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The Haymarket Hotel Review

Review By Kassia Byrnes

Firstly, may I start by saying $10 Classic Cocktails? If you're on any sort of budget this is one Happy Hour not to be missed. I'm somewhat of a bargain hunter so I jumped at the offer of cocktail happy hour every Thursday afternoon from 5pm in the Marketplace Hotel. The catch is you do have to choose one they classify as 'classic' but most of them have a little twist to keep you guessing. The list only includes about 10 choices so it shouldn't be too hard to choose, but just in case you're having trouble, do your tastebuds a favour and get the Strawberry Caprioska. Trust me they'll love you for it! On any other day, or for any other cocktail not found on the special list, cocktail prices are fairly standard at $15-$16. Of course there are other alcoholic options for the non-cocktail inclined, but they're hard to go past!

I met my friend at 5pm exactly to take advantage of this great deal, and at a conveniently central location. Upon entering this place, I was struck with a sudden panic at what I was wearing. I had walked into a large room that was so trendy and elegant that even the lighting set the mood. Around the room were both fixed couches and moveable funky fabric stools. Grouped with these were with little mirror tables designed to hold your drinks but with the handy second function of offering reflection checks. On the high roof hung a chandelier that looked like something out of a Lady Gaga music clip with little crystal balls hanging on string.

As we searched for a place to sit, we wandered closer to the bar set up in the middle of the room with large white counters. If you feel like a history lesson, little single booths decorated with their own blurb on the Hotel as it progressed through time were readily available. Our eyes, however, were drawn to the large booth on the other side of the bar. Not only were the mirrored tables scattered around the white cushioned seats, the roof was another mirror.

As beautiful as the place looked I soon realised my worries were unfounded as my straight-from-uni attire would fit in perfectly. There was a surprising range of people casually seated around the room. There was an age range of about a decade, from early 20's to 30's. While some people came in suited up and wearing heels, there were just as many people wearing work shorts and t-shirts. Everyone was relaxed and happy to mix with each other as they enjoyed after work drinks. At the bar, you're served quickly with a welcoming smile and a joke.

Marketplace Hotel is the perfect place to start your night out, but perhaps not the best if your intentions are an intimate chat. My friend and I had to shout over the R&B songs being played maybe a little too loudly considering there's no dance floor...but those drinks sure were yummy!

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