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George Street, Sydney

Cheers Bar

561 George St, Sydney, NSW
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Established in 1988, Cheers Bar retains its old style pub atmosphere which spreads though out its street-front bar. Located in the central CBD district, Cheers Bar is ideal for visitors to Sydney and to locals alike. Over the years Cheers has developed a reputation as one of Sydney's greatest sports bars with 26 screens throughout the establishment including 2 big screens, access to an array of channels and 7 days a week late opening hours. Cheers is the ideal location to view your favourite sports at any time of the day. With friendly bar staff and great customer service, Cheers bar offers a welcoming environment spread out over three different levels. Cheers Bar is the perfect meeting place in the heart of the city and as we are open until very late 7 nights a week, is also very popular with people working in the hospitality industry.

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Cheers Bar Review

Review by Jessie Poon

If you are ever out on a Monday to Thursday night, and looking for a place to relax, drink or to party, then Cheers Bar is the ideal place for you. The bar opens till late every night and offers something for everyone: whether it’s cheap drinks, maybe watch some sports, a place to chill with friends or even late night clubbing.

With its great location situated smack bang in the middle of George Street, the ground level has a bright pub style, with its polished wooden bar and matching tables and chairs, it’s great for an after work beer and conversation with mates.

Add in the giant screens broadcasting sports, and the occasional all-round cheering from patrons and many businessmen in the bar, and it’s no wonder that Cheers Bar is justly named so.

However, if watching sports and a quiet drink with friends gets tiring in addition to the buzz from alcohol clouding your good judgement to retire home, don't sweat - Cheers Bar offers a completely different scene on its downstairs Basement level for the night to continue.

The Basement level of Cheers offer a second bar, with big screens playing music videos, secluded booths and seats surrounding the dance floor every night, In addition, the DJ spins a great selection of dance and current hits, more cheap drinks and often there is a very short line or even no line at all!

Ladies will almost always get in for free, and men will get in for free on weekdays because the dance floor can be rather empty. However when the place is more crowded on the weekends, men might be charged around $5 - $10 for entry fee, which is not a lot if you compare it to the entry prices of other clubs which is usually $20-$25.

There are often Korean events on Thursday nights, so the Basement level is popular with Koreans. Others who frequent the bar range from 18 to late 20s, although there are the occasional “seedy” guys. If you're a female, I suggest attending with a big group of girlfriends and a couple of guys just in case; however if you’re out to meet new people, the guys there are often very open and willing to mix.

The decor on the basement level can be rather dull and it can get very stuffy, but the great music and packed dance floor obliviates it. There are only 3 toilet cubicles, but since Cheers is rather small, it’s not a necessary factor. However, it could be improved with a cloak room and a smoking area, as it’s quite annoying to have to dance while holding onto your bag and you must go outside every time to smoke on the streets.

Personally, I’m quite fond of the music selection, and there’s the occasional bothersome guy, I’m still loving the free entry with short lines, cheap drinks and good music, as well as Hungry Jacks and Maccas close by for a late night snack.

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