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Oscars Lounge

84 Union St, Pyrmont, NSW
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The place to be seen in Pyrmont. Oscars is a nightclub without deafening music or asthma-inducing smoke machines. It's a sophisticated cocktail bar with a space big enough for female hunters to go nuts and find Mr Right, or Mr Right now. Stylish but unpretentious, the restaurant is perfect for entertaining corporate clients and the friendly, professional staff will entice you to make Oscars your new local, whether it be for a big night out or a starting plcae for a night on the town.

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Oscars Lounge Review

Review by Gemma McDonald

Oscars Lounge Bar is an extremely modest and unpretentious venue that survives off the knowledge that every person who gives it a chance will inevitably go back. This place can set you up for a truly laidback night, or kick you off with some affordable pre-drinks, but in both instances it creates a level of customer comfort that is few and far between. I’m still uncertain as to whether it was the coziness, the chilled house music that sat between background and nightclub, or all the cocktails I was drinking, but Oscars made me want to go back.

When I entered at 9 o’clock on a Friday night, I was admittedly underwhelmed by the lack of people, but what I did notice was that each of these people had to be regulars. By 1pm the crowd still hadn’t exceeded the original 20 and I began to realise why everyone was still there. Oscars projects a homely, comfortable vibe that creates the kind of atmosphere that seems to work for anyone (who’s in before bring detracted by the shiny lights of The Star) from middle-aged corporate folk and tradies enjoying football and a beer after work, to 18 year olds sinking shots before a big night out.

However, the bar’s biggest downfall, and possible explanation for its dismal turn out, was its unfortunate proximity to the flashiest, most notorious casino in Sydney - The Star. This was confirmed by the fact that before I’d even entered Oscars for the first time, I’d already enthusiastically committed to finishing my night there. Oscars really proves that where there are overpriced, monopolising establishments, there will always be cheap, relatively insignificant places to follow; and Hallelujah to that.

For a descent meal you’ll be set back between $15 and $30 with local tap beers going from $3.70, spirits from $6.50 and cocktails at $14, and this is only if you’re unlucky enough to find a time during the week when they aren’t showering you with half-price-two for-one deals. Besides the fact that every hour is $3 happy hour on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, each day at Oscars comes with a food-oriented title, from ‘Monday Ribs’ to Sunday ‘Steak ‘N’ Ale’.

In terms of interior the only word that came to mine was retro-and not retro in the modernised, improved sense. I’m talking big pot plants, wallpaper that tries to resemble wood, green and orange geometrical shapes, mirrors and big, brown squishy lounges. The space is cozy with a sandstone bar in the centre of the room, surrounded by an open restaurant which often hosts corporate dinners and private functions, a lounging area and pool table to the front and a very small, mostly unoccupied gaming room on the right.

Overall, if you’re looking to melt into a big comfy lounge with some delicious, yet commendably potent cocktails, you can either a) stay home; or b) visit Oscars. Essentially, by visiting Oscars you get your cocktails with a fancy garnish, brought to you by genuinely friendly staff.

As well as the tasty cocktails Oscars offers a rare environment, which permits you to actually converse with the people that you’ve brought, or those you’re intending to take home. Conversation has become a gesture that many Sydneysiders seem to find highly over-rated in a night out, but here you’ll come to appreciate it once again.

While definitely not the most stylish, off-the-hook venue in Sydney, Oscars’ certainly deserves more attention and is bound to grow on you if given the chance.

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