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Your metropolitan escape! Set out over two levels, Cohibar incorporates a cocktail bar, terrace and cigar loft. The vibe is funky, sexy inner city throughout. Specialising in cocktails and intimate functions. There is nothing quite like sitting on the voyeurs pedestal above Darling Harbour, soaking up Sydney’s greatest asset the view

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Review By Kelly Teng

In Darling Harbour the nightclubs are elite, with Home Bar, Bungalow 8 and Pontoon Bar providing endless nights of entertainment. With this in mind, it is possible that my expectations were far too high for Cohibar to meet them...but the bottom line was simple: I did not enjoy my night at Cohibar.

Cohibar is in a prime position above the Watershed, and has two levels: the cocktail lounge and terrace downstairs, and the cigar loft upstairs. It costs nothing to get in on a Saturday night, and when I went in there weren't even bouncers to check ID. The first thing I was struck by when I went in was how small it was: besides the terrace, the indoors has virtually no space to move around in on a busy night. The seating was limited (but let's be fair, all the bars in Darling Harbour aren't the largest) and I had to settle for sitting near the cigarette dispenser in front of the bathrooms.

The main items on the menu that will catch anyone's eye are the mouth-watering cocktails and extensive list of cigars. However, don't go into Cohibar with only $20 and expect to get more than one drink, because the cocktail prices all hang around the $14-$18 mark. Also, don't expect to be standing in line for only 5 minutes: it took half an hour for me and my friend to get one drink. With that being said, the bartenders make the drinks in front of you which can provide you with a few good minutes of entertainment while waiting.

Of course, Cohibar's reputation for good cocktails and cigars attracts a very different crowd from Soho or Tank: expect to see a diverse age range when you go there because I saw everything from newly-18 year olds to a bride-to-be having her hen's night...and even a group of 50 year old men ordering some wine for the evening. Naturally, this diversity of age means that it is not the place to dance to the world's most mainstream songs. Instead, Cohibar plays a blend of tame electrofunk that maintains the general atmosphere of the location.

The decor is fairly simple, but the lights that Cohibar chose provide a great atmospheric lighting. Aside from that, Cohibar relies on the views of Darling Harbour to draw guests there: if nothing else, the view is absolutely breathtaking, especially from the cigar loft. The customer service is average at the bar, but exceptional outside it: empty glasses get cleaned up within a matter of minutes, and the bathrooms - although small - are clean.

Cohibar has nothing that is extraordinarily bad about it, but also nothing extraordinarily good from what I experienced. The great drinks and cigars are made slightly less great by the fact that they take a good chunk of money from your wallet, and the great views of the Harbour are compromised by the lack of decor inside. Overall, Cohibar is a place to go if you're looking for an expensive night of opulence, good drinks and a tame crowd...unfortunately, that wasn't for me.

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