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The Harbour Terrace

28 Southside Dr, Hillarys
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The Harbour Terrace is Perth’s newest and most exciting pool hall, bar and restaurant. Situated at the picturesque Hillary's Boat Harbour, we can offer you a fantastic night out with a twist.

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The Harbour Terrace Review

Review by Tom Zaunmayr

Hillary's Boat Harbour has fast established itself as the place to go in the Northern Suburbs. Since burning down all those years a go the quay has undergone a huge transformation into a bustling boardwalk full of fine foods, exquisite retail stores & modern bars.

When you hear someone say their going to Hillary's, most will assume this means either the ritzy & expensive Breakwater Tavern or the bogan Mecca that is Bar-Fun-Plenty. Many mates have been stunned when they learn that there’s a new player on the block. Located above the walk of fame, Harbour Terrace occupies the space formerly known as Pot Black Pool & Snooker.

The eight competition size pool tables are still there, but the days of the seedy, downtrodden pot black are well over. Modern is the new black here, which may be why there is a lot of black. A neat black staircase (if you have to walk up a staircase, it has to be good!) leads you into a large room full of black trimmed leather couches, immaculate black carpet, black marble bar and black drapes splitting the open room down the middle. Despite all this black, the terrace does have a very light feel about it.

While the Terrace is still first and foremost a place to have a game and drink, there’s none of those wannabe pros that used to brown nose everyone at the old Pot Black. Most of the guys and gals here are having a good time. It’s a very casual place filled with the sounds of ball on ball, regular cheers and even more regular “how did that miss” moments. Expect top 40 tracks playing in the background all night, intermixed with the occasional super-hit of course.

It’s not all about the pool though. A decent range of beers will set you back between $7-$14, the small wine and spirits lists don’t cost too much more. There are meal specials every night, although these are all still a little pricey being part restaurant. If you’re after a light meal the chips are $10 for a decent serving, and they’re arguably the best going around town!

They do occasionally have events, which see the pool tables pushed to one side. Most recently the huge open plan room turned into a sinners & saints club-style floor, the music turns up and the youth rock up in hoards. Outside of these events the Terrace is a favourite destination for mature 20-25s out for a relaxed night. There isn’t the lust of clubs or the seediness of pubs; people here aren’t looking to pick up.

Thursday nights are usually the busiest, with everyone in the know lured in by unlimited free games of pool. Don’t worry if you rock up late though, the crowd here don’t tend to hold onto tables for dear life, you shouldn’t expect to wait more than 10-15 minutes on the busiest of nights.

Harbour Terrace is the hidden gem of the revamped Sorrento Quay. It’s the kind of place you can convince a good group of mates to go. With arguably the best chocolate, pizza, ice cream & burger joints all within a minutes walk Harbour Terrace is a great addition to any night out ‘on the boardwalk’.

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