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Perth North, Perth

The Classroom

1/356 Charles St
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Go back to school at Perth's new bar! Open Tuesday through to Sunday until late.

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Review by Fiona Brewer

I never thought I’d entertain the idea of going back to school...highly strung teachers, daggy school uniforms, catching the bus, those awkward pubescent years and homework - no thanks!

However, after visiting the one of Perth’s newest themed cocktails bars, The Classroom, I think I may change my tune. This very kitch and cute cocktail bar is filled with schoolbags, lockers, bookshelves, hopscotch, lunch boxes, note books, and I even experienced a very educational French lesson when I visited the ladies room! The owners have gone all out to make this a genuine school yard experience, and overall it has quite a fun atmosphere.

What sets this bar apart from your average joe cocktail bars is the cocktail menu is exquisite! The menus are set out in notebooks - reminiscent of something you would have done your spelling homework in - and divided in academic sections. The Historical cocktails include the Whiskey Sour, and Moscow Mule while the Artistic cocktails include a very delicious Cherry Jam Margarita.

I was never a huge fan of science at school (Bunsen burners were more interesting than balancing chemistry equations!) however was more than pleasantly surprised when I found myself ordering a most impressive Liquid Nitrogen Expresso Martini from the Scientific cocktails list. Being a devout disciple of the Expresso Martini I was not disappointed, (yay for science!).

If cocktails aren’t your thing you may be in the wrong venue; however there is a very bohemian and unique drinks list that’s a bit left of field. The beer list is brought to you from the indie darlings of the brewing world, (Little Creatures, Knappstein, and Gage Roads to name a few), and the wine list has a strong local presence as well, complimented with some great New Zealand, Victorian and international drops.

Me and my gang of class clowns stumbled in on Saturday and the there was a decent crowd there, with a very relaxed atmosphere. The average age range is mid to late twenties, which I think is largely due to the sophistication of the cocktail list.

Now were there any drawbacks? Well, just like maths homework, I think there are a few things that could possibly detract the venue.

Firstly, you’re going to need more than the lunch money mum gave you to have a good night here. Drinks here are generally priced on the higher end of the scale, (eg: cocktails are between $18-$22).

Secondly location, location, location! The Classroom is not situated in the usual bar spots around Perth and is quite isolated in comparison. This means there’s no where you can wander off too once the school bell rings!

Thirdly, Macca’s Run - this could also be considered a positive. There’s a huge 24 hour McDonald’s within crawling distance to the venue so if you do have a few to many margarita’s beware of the golden arches and their alluring glow!The Classroom is interesting and unique, and overall definitely a B+ experience.

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