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Bar 120

Shop 58, Northside Drive, Hillarys, WA
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Review by Shannon Wood

A cult amongst locals, every Wednesday and Saturday it’s the only place to be in the northern suburbs.

Bar 120 is located in the Hillarys boat harbour complex in Perth’s north, and is very popular with locals. They are open on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and on the odd occasion open other nights for events and special occasions. This place feels like a high school reunion, it’s the ideal place to bump in to familiar faces, and with the amount of regulars they have here, you will soon become one of the gang.

Usually there is one of two live local bands playing here, Flyte and Felix, who usually play a mixture of top 40 and old school party anthems that are guaranteed to fill the massive dance floor. A DJ also spins some tunes later on in the night, which will keep you on the dance floor to the early hours of the morning.

Bar 120 opens at 8pm on Wednesdays and 9pm on Saturdays. Make sure you get there early, as the lines can get massive and they are notorious for moving slowly. If you are in before 10 its free entry, after that it's $10.

Walking in to Bar 120, which is located on the second floor above shops and cafes, it feels like traditional nightclub vibe. With flashing lights, loud music, an outdoor balcony room and dark corners for those wishing to wake up with regrets. Admittedly the furnishings and décor are a bit out dated and basic, and could do with a freshen up to keep up with the times, but honestly it’s the crowd here that makes this place worth a night out. Mostly it’s the younger locals that come here on a regular basis, for a good dance and to catch up with old friends.

The crowd here isn’t exactly the most hip, stylish, “in” crowd, but there is defiantly a common theme of guys with rats tails, southern cross tattoos, Elwood t-shirts, and girls struggling to keep their dignity confined to that tight dress. There is a reason why Bar 120 is known amongst the regulars as ‘seedy’ and people describe going to Bar 120 as a “dirty night out”. There always seems to be broken glass and drinks spilled on the dancefloor. Despite the few negatives, going to Bar 120 is always a good night out, seeing old friends, dancing to quality live music, and the taxi ride is cheaper for the locals than if you were going in to the city.

The bar here is located at the back of the room and sells a variety of drinks, mostly premixed, and beer, also spirits and shots are available. The bar is pretty basic in both appearance, and drinks available, but they stock most mainstream drinks. Prices are average here, pretty much what you would pay in most Perth nightclubs, and they often have drink specials on, or promotions on particular beverages. The night I went they had $10 vodka red bulls and $10 Midori Shakers.

If you’re keen for a big night, and to possibly get grinded on the dance floor, then you should definitely head to Bar 120. It’s not the type of place to go for a few quiet drinks, its most certainly a party people haven. The live band, close proximity to the suburbs, and large dance floor, defiantly make this place worthwhile. BYO sensible shoes - the dance floor can get messy!

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